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Hello, and welcome to V London Escorts! Our aim is to be the very best escort agency we can be, which is why there are so many fabulous girls at affordable prices. If this is your first time indulging in the time of a companion, you’ll be very pleased to know you’ve come to one of the top escort agencies in the city, so head over to our large number of galleries and pick your girl! With plenty of options to satisfy any request from our clients, the ladies that are available at V London Escorts are the hottest girls around. Offering excellent rates, a professional service and a discrete transaction from the moment you pick up the phone to when your London escort leaves, you’ll never need another agency.

The thing about living in a cosmopolitan city is the amazing opportunities you are presented with, the most important being the chance to spend time with any of the escort girls from V. These are the type of ladies that know just how to spoil their clients. It’s not everyday that you are presented with the option of being with the very best cheap London escorts around. If you’re feeling stressed, overworked and not enjoying life as much as you should, these are the perfect reasons to have a London escort in your life.

The next time you’re looking for that little spring in your step and feeling like you could take on the world, give us a call. With the cheap escorts London has to offer in their eclectic glory, filling our galleries, you will be spoilt for choice.

The Top London Escort Services

The Top London Escort Services

Here at V London escorts, we offer a fine selection of truly stunning ladies. Whether you’re a man that enjoys a slim companion or you’re a little more inclined to the ample curves of some of our more bodacious beauties, you’re sure to find the sort of women that will get you hot under the collar when you book with us. There’s a reason why V is known as one of the best London escort services, and it’s all down to our sensational girls.

One look at the galleries will tell you all you need to know about the talented London escorts that V has to offer. These utterly gorgeous ladies really are some of the best escort girls that the capital has to offer, and any gentleman of discerning taste need look no further if they’re in search of a companion. To make sure these high standards are maintained, every London escort is thoroughly interviewed before she’s taken on, ensuring that the beauty and charm they show in their pictures is just as incredible in the flesh.

Of course, there’s nothing worse than finally finding that perfect girl on the website of your favourite London escort agency, only to discover that she won’t be available for a week. V solves this problem with its ‘Today’s Girls’ page, which makes it easy to see which beauty is ready and willing to help you chase away the blues. Thanks to V, it’s never been easier to find the best escorts in London.

Best Escort Agency London Offers

Best Escort Agency London Offers

V London is proud of the services it offers and are grateful for the positive feedback received on a regular basis. With the most gorgeous cheap escorts in London, it is no surprise these ladies are highly sought after. Whether you’re a blonde, brunette or redhead man, the gallery is the home to the sensual stunners. All admirers call girls of this calibre absolute goddesses and who can blame them; their beauty is like no other.

These escorts make the perfect companions for any lonely gentleman. Regular clients just can’t resist the charm and beauty of these girls and often come back for more. We’re determined to remain the best escort agency London has to offer and, with beauties like ours, it looks like V will be staying on top for quite some time. Whether you’re experienced or you’re a first timer, you won’t be disappointed with the services these ladies have to offer and the process here at V London.

To avoid disappointment when booking one of our lovely London escorts, give the receptionists a call today. They are friendly, helpful and know each of the girls personally. They can give you a recommendation to suit your needs and tastes. Any escort you choose will be nothing but a dream as these girls are passionate and dedicated about being the best in the industry. Any escort in London from V will make an impression, one you won’t forget.

The Best Value Escort Service

The Best Value Escort Service

Every man of taste knows that when you’re looking for a top quality girl at an incredible price, there’s nowhere better than V London escorts. Our ladies are some of the finest in all of the capital, and anyone booking with us can rest assured that he’s in for a real treat. What really sets us apart though is the incredible rates that we can offer our customers. Not only are these some of the most gorgeous London escort girls, they’re also available from just £110 per hour, with no hidden fees. You’ll struggle to find any babe in the whole city for that price, let alone one that meets the high standards of an elite agency. That’s why when a man is looking for the best value outcall escorts London has to offer, his first choice is always V.

Of course, with all that money that you’re saving, you’ll have plenty spare to enjoy some sensational extras, like a seductive outfit to spice up the experience. Even after you’ve paid for your best one of the best cheap escorts London has to offer, and your choice of extras, the price will still be amazingly low.

If you’re planning on spending quite some time with one of V London’s escorts, you’ll be happy to hear that it might be possible to negotiate a discount. If you think that you’d like to indulge yourself with a longer session of companionship with a London escort, call us today on 07954 199 162 to speak to a receptionist. Before you know it, you may be enjoying an experience of a lifetime with the best escort London has to offer.

The Best London Escort Agency

The Best London Escort Agency

Providing gorgeous V London Escorts isn’t all we do. There’s a wealth of information and enlightening little extras on our website. Anything the modern gentleman needs, you can get it right here on our website. Not only are there intriguing erotic stories that will set your pulse racing, we offer dating tips, health advice, a guide to the city of London, and much more. Want the scoop on the best hotels, clubs, bars and restaurants to take your gorgeous companion? It is all here for you to explore.

Browse the pages of our website and enjoy what you see. We don’t know of any other London Escort Agency that offer this many extras as well as bringing you beautiful ladies. One of the reasons V London is so popular is because of the competitive rates on offer. The beauty and service you’re getting for that sort of value causes many to question: is this too good to be true? No, there is no catch here.

You can book one of the top London escorts from just £110 per hour. There are never hidden extras or scams. With so many categories, nationalities and ages, you will be truly spoilt for choice when deciding on who to pick. Whilst the friendly receptionists can help you in this department, the positive reviews on each of the girls profiles in the gallery should be enough to help you come to the all important decision.

It’s Better in the VIP Club

It’s Better in the VIP Club

There is nothing better than knowing your loyalty to a company will benefit you, which is exactly why, at V London, something special is offered to those that have come to rely on us to provide them with the very best companions in the city. Step forward if you’d like to know more about the VIP Membership, available from V Escorts! Knowing how much your business is appreciated is just another thing we do to ensure V remains one of the top escort agencies in the city. Whilst we’re confident having the title of VIP member would be enough, there are plenty of benefits that go hand in hand with this.

Not only will you receive money off whenever you indulge in the time of an escort London has to offer, but you can also choose from a wide range of goodies. These include erotic massage or two girls for the price of one. It doesn’t really get much better than that!

The only thing better than knowing you will soon be in the company of any of the London escorts that adorn our gallery is that it’s contributing certain factors that will benefit you in the long run. Think of it as a points scheme, just the end result is much more satisfactory than just some free stuff.

When you’re looking to spend time with your chosen escort in London, think of how much more amazing it could be if you were part of the VIP club. Give us a call and ask our receptionists for more information.



Whilst we’re confident you will be completely satisfied with all of our V London escorts, it’s always nice to get that little something extra. The main service V offers is the spending time with any of the fabulous girls available in our location, category and nationality galleries. Every man has a preference, and it’s helpful to know that you won’t have to trawl through profiles of London escorts that you’re not interested in, just to find your date for the evening. But this isn’t all we do.

The V escorts London provides are more than enough to satisfy any man, regardless of his specifications, though there are plenty of hidden gems on the website for your to peruse, perhaps whilst you wait for your girl to arrive. If you’re looking for something to really spice up your evening with a girl from V, our escorts in outfits will surely be enough to really get your pulse racing.

The best escorts cheap service does not mean quality is compromised, so you’re always in for a treat whenever you opt to spend time with the gorgeous girls available from V.

It’s not just the pretty faces that you can peruse on the site. Our blog is regularly updated by top writers who keep their finger on the pulse with the latest stories and snippets of information, bringing them to you in witty prose. So the next time you’re waiting for your escort to arrive, give them a quick skim.

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Gone are the days when we need to shove on the huge parka that has been hanging around our coat cupboard for long, and trade it in for a short-sleeved tee. The fashions of spring are not only more exciting, but often more daring. The hemlines get shorter on the ladies from the very best London escort agencies, and the sun allows us to relax just that little bit longer in the beer garden.

Burberry’s Coming Home - 2013 March 14

A new pope has been elected as head of the Catholic church and whilst the majority of the V office may not be religious, it's still surely a topic worth discussing? Not when there are plenty of escorts in London to discuss! But in all seriousness, the story on our radar has to be Burberry moving its menswear from Milan to our capital city. Well, that does involve us more than the pope story.

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The standards of one's grooming should never slip, despite the time of year. But many of us, the V London staff included, seem to think of winter as an excuse that allows us to sleep out of skin care routines. Whilst this may seem like a good idea in the long run, not moisturising before bed meant you were able to get three minutes extra sleep, you're paying for it now with that dry skin. Don't panic! You've got time before your meet with the London escorts.
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Who wants to go out in this weather? That’s right, absolutely everyone! Whether you’ve got back from work and thought that you don’t want to be spending the evening alone, instead choosing to put the option of spending time with a London escort off until tomorrow, there will be times when you really just need companionship, and that is what V London is here for.

It’s Friday Night! Grab an Escort and Party Hard! - 2013 April 26

Well, it’s that time of the week again, and before you think about what you could be missing, just pick up the phone and arrange a date with a sensational woman from our pick of galleries. Don’t waste too much time, because when you’re met with the option of being in the company of some stunning London escorts, why on earth would you say no?

Monday Morning, Why Do You Dislike Us, So? - 2013 April 22

It’s the start of the week, which means there is so much untold promise as to what these days might bring. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a fan of Mondays, who is, you can only yearn for the rest of the week. And when you take a look at the stunning girls available from the best escort agency in London, we imagine you won’t be too pushed to really find the very best ladies available to spend your time with.
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