Beauty & the Nerd

I finished the last bite of my takeaway pizza and washed it down with a can of coke. Top Gear just finished on TV and I started to feel quite bored. I readjusted my black framed glasses and turned on the computer. Tonight felt like a night for another treat to my escort London. I had always been the type of guy who found it very difficult to talk to girls….so called nerds… I hadn’t had a girlfriend for six years now. I just didn’t know how to pick up girls in a bar, not that I went out to bars or clubs very much anyway. If I had time I’d rather spend it on my computer games! My life changed however since I discovered the pleasure I could get from escort London. I was surfing on the Internet casually that night and was feeling very lonely and horny. I was delighted to find the page of lots of London escorts and was able to browse through pages of profiles of beautiful girls. That’s where I found Jennifer. Even just seeing her pictures on the computer was enough to give me an erection. She had long caramel colour hair, big breasts, and a smile that was so sweet and kind that made me feel like I could talk to her very easily without being too self conscious. I quickly made a booking and cleaned up the house nervously.

Within half an hour Jennifer arrived at the door. I could not believe it, she was like this sexy gorgeous goddess that I would never have imagine myself talking to, and now she was sitting in my living room! I was feeling very nervous and I didn’t know what to say or what to do so I asked her if she wanted some juice or coke. She gave me the sweetest smile I had ever seen and told me to relax. Wasted no time, she came over and sat down next to me and combed my hair gently with her fingers, took my glasses off and started kissing me. I was so surprised that I simply froze and didn’t know how to react. Her lips were so wet and soft and her tongue was sliding into my mouth, softly touching mine. Gradually she eased my tension, and I started to play with her hair and her breasts as we kissed. She got up and took off all her clothes, revealing her beautiful curves completely in front of me. I raised my hands to touch her body, and I could see that my hands were shaking as I was getting so excited and nervous at the same time. She was standing up, so I pulled her close and started kissing her body greedily. She tasted so delicious, I was eager to please her, hoping that I didn’t come across as too clumsy. She pushed me back onto the couch and took my clothes off and went down on me. By this stage I already felt like I was walking on clouds, I had to hold onto the cushions to stop myself exploding from pleasure. She then climbed up and sat on me and started riding away. I buried my face in her breasts, I was in heaven. After I came, she let me hold her for a long time. Part of me felt paralysed from all the pleasure and couldn’t move, and the other part of me just felt so comfortable holding her body close to me and didn’t want to let go. She was very patient and sweet with me, and told me that she really enjoyed it too.

I considered myself to be very lucky to have had found my London escort. With her I could be myself without pretending to be someone else. She would listen to me talking about gadgets and IT stuff, sometimes she’d even play computer games with me. It was always so much fun to see her. I didn’t need to worry about what to say or what to do to please her, because she was always so easy going and was always eager to please me first. At such affordable prices, I would always call Jennifer for some good times instead of stressing myself out with a girlfriend.