The Best Escort in London

I can guarantee that you won’t have met a girl like Ella May in real life. Sure, you’ve seen girls like her on television and in the pages of glossy magazines, but women like this don’t normally walk down your street.

Ella May is practically a Goddess; standing at 5″10, she has long shapely legs, not dissimilar to those of Elle Macpherson. Her waist is tiny, but her ample bust and curvacious hips give her an hourglass body in perfect proportions. Her hands and feet are dainty, her neck graceful and her arms slender. Ella May walks with a sway in her hips – the kind of walk that stops traffic and makes men walk into lamp posts. Her hair is naturally honey blonde, silky smooth and hangs down past her shoulders to her mid back. Her skin is flawless; she could be used as an example for airbrushing without a trace of make up. Her natural scent is intoxicating, like a blend of sweet and spice; springtime flowers laced with cinnamon. And at last, her face – like that of an angel. Her eyes are a deep pool of sea green, her nose is delicate and her lips are soft and full.

Ella May works as an escort in London. You may wonder why she would choose this occupation when she could be whatever she wanted; a supermodel, an actress, a television presenter… literally any profession would beg her to come on board so they could bask in her beauty. The reason she chose this line of work is because she knows that she is undoubtedly the best escort in London. Any man would fall over himself to be even considered as a client, and she can charge any sum she wants – knowing that the client will pay it.

At a young age, Ella May began to understand the powers of her beauty. School was a nightmare as all of the other girls were jealous, but the boys would do anything she asked, and protect her from any viscious girls. Even the male teachers would side with her every time. At university, the male lecturers would sometimes catch her eye during a presentation and be reduced to a stumbling mess. They always gave her extra help with her essays, which probably contributed to the 1st degree she graduated with.

The first experience Ella May had of escorts was during a stay at The Wardorf Hotel. She had entered the bar and realised that all of the men’s eyes were elsewhere; a latino beauty had everyone captivated. She was draped in diamonds and was dressed from head to toe in designer clothes. Of course, once Ella May had properly entered the room and removed her coat, the attention was all hers. But curiosity had the better of her, and she wanted to know how this woman got her good fortune. The latino explained to Ella May that she worked as an escort in London, and the money she made funded whatever she desired.

Five years later, the latino had aged from years of sun worshipping, and Ella May had stolen her crown as the most sought after escort in London. Now, she is wealthy enough to work only when the mood takes her, and to select her own clients. Ella May can think of nothing better in life than to be adored, rich and glamorous – she has everything she could ever dream of. When she decides tosettle down, she can have her pick of any man in the city. Looking like a Goddess most certainly has its advantages…