My Bisexual Adventure

I had just broken up with my boyfriend of two years. It was all amicable, we’d just grown apart and our sex life was completely extinct. Although I was still fond of him, nothing could stir up the lust that I missed so much.

It was difficult to suddenly be single after all this time, so my girlfriends rallied round and organised a big night on the town. The six of us got dressed up to the nines and piled into the limousine, lunging for the ready cooled champagne. I was wearing a short sequined dress, killer heels and lace underwear that made me feel sexy. We were all hyped and giggly, out for a good time.

Over the evening, we enjoyed a lot of attention from various men. We did look hot, and they all wanted a piece of us. Some of them were OK, but none specifically took my fancy. By the time we got to the night club I felt like I needed to freshen up, so I excused myself and went to the ladies. I powdered my face and applied my lip gloss, as did the girl next to me. I caught her eye and she smiled.
“You look really beautiful” she told me. Flattered, I took an instant liking to her – gave her a grin and invited her to join me and my friends. She had actually lost the friend she came with in the crowd so she was grateful for the company. Her name was Lara; her grungy clothes didn’t quite suit her delicate face but she was gorgeous all the same.

We all danced together for a while, squealing whenever a Justin Timberlake song came on. We really worked up a sweat, so decided to take a break on the big squishy sofas. The girls spotted a group of 5 guys giving us the eye so wanted to go over and flirt, but me and Lara were shattered so stayed where we were. We chatted for a while, and she explained to me how she was bisexual. She had been with guys but actually preferred girls – they were more sensitive, more giving in the bedroom and more attuned to each other’s sexuality. I found myself thinking about the things she was saying, and I was curious. I’d kissed a girl once for a dare in college, but had never really thought about it since. Just while I was pondering it, she leaned over and kissed me. Gently and tentatively at first; I pulled away for a second from shock, but then realised that I actually didn’t mind and it felt kind of nice. I leaned back in towards her, and this time she was less gentle. Her lips ground into mine with more force than I would’ve thought her capable of, and I realised with surprise that my knickers were wet; I was really turned on.

We kissed for a while, getting more and more heated. A couple of guys stood nearby watching, they thought it was brilliant. But when I looked for my own friends, they were nowhere to be seen.
“Why don’t you come back to mine?” She suggested. I knew what it would lead to, and I was too drunk and too tempted to say no. We dashed out of the club hand in hand and hailed a cab. She kissed me all the way back, completely unfazed by the stares we were getting from the driver. Luckily she lived alone, so once we were through the front door I lost all my inhibitions. We stumbled to the bedroom, peeling off each other’s clothes in between kisses. Her skin was so smooth – much softer than any man’s. Her touch was more delicate, and she never sucked on my nipples to hard or pushed her fingers inside me at an uncomfortable angle. Everything she did felt as good as it would if I was pleasuring myself. She laid me down on the bed and ran her fingers over my skin lightly, making me tremble. Her fluttering kisses started on my neck as she bent over me, and traveled down my chest, over my breasts, down my stomach and onto my pelvis. I didn’t want her to stop, it felt so good. She pulled my legs wider apart and began to kiss and lick the insides of my thighs, getting closer to my pussy. When she finally ran her tongue firmly along my clitoris, I gasped with relief. She felt how wet I was and pushed a finger inside me, curving it up to my g-spot as she continued to massage my clit with her tongue. I came within seconds, screaming louder than I thought myself capable of. Breathless and a little embarrassed, I returned the favour to Lara. It amazed me how natural it felt, like it was what my body was designed for.

I’ve been with a couple of guys since, but if they’re not quite doing it for me I just close my eyes and think of Lara…