Sunshine and Shoreditch escorts - 2013 June 03

A London escort isn't the only hip thing in the capital this summer. Read here to find out about the city's latest hotspot and the girls that are flocking there.

Summer Loving - 2013 May 21

Summer is the time of the year that puts a big smile on our faces! It's time to bust out the barbies, knock back a few icy drinks in the sun and spend the best of times just relaxing with some of the city's top beauties.

Hello Escorts! - 2013 April 30

Who wants to go out in this weather? That’s right, absolutely everyone! Whether you’ve got back from work and thought that you don’t want to be spending the evening alone, instead choosing to put the option of spending time with a London escort off until tomorrow, there will be times when you really just need companionship, and that is what V London is here for.

It’s Friday Night! Grab an Escort and Party Hard! - 2013 April 26

Well, it’s that time of the week again, and before you think about what you could be missing, just pick up the phone and arrange a date with a sensational woman from our pick of galleries. Don’t waste too much time, because when you’re met with the option of being in the company of some stunning London escorts, why on earth would you say no?

Monday Morning, Why Do You Dislike Us, So? - 2013 April 22

It’s the start of the week, which means there is so much untold promise as to what these days might bring. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a fan of Mondays, who is, you can only yearn for the rest of the week. And when you take a look at the stunning girls available from the best escort agency in London, we imagine you won’t be too pushed to really find the very best ladies available to spend your time with.

A Liquid Lunch - 2013 April 18

When it comes to picking your drink in the pub, come a liquid lunch or an after work tipple, everyone has their preferences. This can be extended to so many other things, most notably which of the V London escorts it is that takes your fancy. It should be noted that like the orders come the lunchtime rush at the pub, you should certainly get in early. There’s nothing worse than to wait for a while, only to find out that the girl of your dreams, and drink of choice, is no longer available. Don’t let that happen, it’s summer, for goodness sake.

Misread or Misled? - 2013 April 12

Can you really misread someone, or are you being deliberately misled? It seems that not only are we forced to make our own decisions in some instances where the wish is there for us to have more support, no one can ever actually know if these are the right actions. Not everything is as easy as deciding to spend time with any of the London escorts that we have for you at V. Because in those circumstances, it’s always yes!

Top Three Ways to Get Over Your Ex - 2013 April 11

Everyone has been there, the V London office included. You’re facing a break up, you might have already broken up or you know that you and your partner will soon be parting ways. You don’t necessarily need to prepare yourself, but it seems there are certain steps you can take to ensure this process be as painless as possible, and easy for both parties. Have a look at our top tips on how to avoid any uncomfortable situations and what steps to take when you find yourself in these rather awkward scenarios. No matter where you work, live or play, even those that use the services from the best escort agency in London might struggle from time to time.

Why Do Men Use London Escorts? - 2013 April 05

Well, if you asked the London escorts themselves, they’d probably tell you it’s because they’re some of the most fun women around, and they’d be right. Just ask any of our loyal clients who rely on the services we provide them with, and there are many reasons why so many gentleman love being in the company of a fabulous companion from V London escorts.

Is It Spring Yet? - 2013 April 03

Now that the London escorts are working on British Summer Time, our clients couldn't be more thrilled. The days are getting longer, the evenings lighter, and the weather warmer (supposedly), and it's time to really enjoy the companionship that these ladies can provide. Whilst you might not be able to head out into the beer garden just yet, there are plenty of alternative activities that you can partake in.

Easter Weekend - 2013 March 29

So the four day weekend has reared its stunning head, and as one of the best London escort agencies in the city, V London is more than prepared to deal with the influx of interest from their clients. No man wants to spend these glorious days alone, and when they catch a glimpse of any of our girls, they certainly won't, but sometimes there are more practical ways of spending it.

Inspiration - 2013 March 28

Whilst a single London escort cannot inspire a generation, here at V London, our clients know that the ladies that are available to them are some of the most open-minded and fun-loving girls around. It doesn't take much to get these escorts excited, but being able to impress them is always a very good thing. Take a look at our list of gents who never fail to make the ladies swoon.

Do We REALLY Need to Budget? - 2013 March 22

So this week the budget was announced, and it seems that we are having to tighten our belts for what seems like the millionth consecutive year. At this rate we’re going to have to put another hole on the leather strip to ensure the buckle is tightly fastened. We seemed to have digressed with the belt metaphor, but that’s fine. It seems whenever the world ‘budget’ is mentioned, it is often attributed to immediately cutting out the good things in life, the things we actually enjoy. It doesn’t always need to be this way. If we ‘budget’, thinking about where we spend money that could probably be avoided, we should still be able to enjoy the luxuries in life. Just because the country is in a recession that is seemingly lasting about four thousand years, it doesn’t mean that we have to cut back on every single thing that makes us happy, that brings us joy and that we want to do in life. It’s often the menial things, the everyday spendings that we don’t even think about that make all the difference. If you start your day working through, we’re sure you could save plenty of money, and then still be able to spoil yourself every once in awhile.

Football! - 2013 March 18

So, anyone who isn’t necessarily a football fan might not completely understand the importance of today, and less so if you’re not a Chelsea fan, but we think certain feats should not go unnoticed. Which is why, rather than tell you how adorable and just downright gorgeous any of the sensational escorts we have at V London, we’re gonna talk boy talk. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing like talking about the amazing women in the city, but sometimes we just need football and beer to get us going. Am I right? And today, we’re talking about the LEGEND that is Frank Lampard, who has just celebrated a milestone that few are able to contend with; his 200th goal for his club, in under twelve years.

Spring is Nearly Here - 2013 March 15

Don’t know about you but everyone at V London is very much looking forward to the official spring time that is just around the corner. We are nearly four months into 2013 and we all say it year in, year out, but where does the time go? It is now mid-March and with two weeks to go until the clocks go forward, we may lose an hours sleep but bring on the lighter evenings, refreshing scent of cut grass, spring flowers, and the appetising smell of BBQ’s lingering in the spring air. Lets face it, the summer months don’t quite live up to expectations, and over the years, we have got used to having the summer weather in the heart of spring. The first BBQ seems to be in April rather than June but we’re not complaining.

Well... That Was Quick - 2013 March 11

Mere days ago we were commenting on the welcome return of the sun, and all the warmth and amazing spring possibilities it brings with it. Alas, we spoke too soon and today we are faced with arctic temperatures, snow and no doubt delayed train journeys. When it comes to traveling to and from work during these conditions, the first public transport to feel the brunt are the trains. It seems there’s something about the snow settling on the track that means so very few trains will actually make it to their destination. That means that our clients that live outside of central might not be able to make it into town, to meet with their chosen companion for the evening. Thankfully we extend our services to the Greater London area, and because they are all driven personally to their destination, so you never need to worry that you will be missing out when the snow falls.

That Friday Feeling - 2013 March 08

It’s been a long time coming, and we could not be MORE stoked for its arrival. If you think you got excited over the beautiful ladies we have at V, you have not experienced anything until you’re in their company of a Friday night. Whilst they are available 24/7, they love Friday just as much as the next person. There’s something about the free day tomorrow that is the biggest appeal. That and you leave your desk for five minutes and someone decides to make a water bottle figure out of your coat and a number of other items you have scattered around your workspace. But let’s be honest, Friday will always be the best day of the week.

A Different Type of Adrenaline Junkie - 2013 March 07

So, we all love a good holiday. It gives us an excuse to escape the hubbub of the city and really relax. Everyone has differing preferences when it comes to what helps them relax, but some are just ridiculously questionable. The beach one is clear; you sit on sand and do absolutely nothing for anywhere from seven to fourteen days. Perhaps you’ve bought a plethora of books with you. But after the first couple of days, you will no doubt have bought a trashy magazine or just given up entirely and lay there listening to your iPod whilst catching the rays. Others might book a city break, using the opportunity to take in as much culture as possible and really go head first into the knowledge that we can get from this trip. Some may even want to jump off a cliff. In terms of base jumping, etc.! Nothing untoward here, thank you kindly. However, we have found something that whilst it does not seem like a holiday in anyway, not to mention the fact that they pay you instead of you having to shell out a load of cash for the best suite the hotel has to offer, it might be a little bit dangerous.

How Do You Hire an Escort? - 2013 March 05

When it comes to indulging in the time of an escort, some people can get turned off by the thought of it because of the necessary leg work it takes. But it’s important to change how you view the whole thing and see it as more of an incredibly exciting endeavor rather than a chore. It’s almost like shopping; having a browse before deciding on what exactly it is that you want. Don’t view it like an arduous undertaking - picking the girl is one of the best parts! But if you’re still unsure of just how the system works, allow us to take you through the stages and you’ll see just how easy it is to embark on one of the most exciting experiences you can hope to do.

Dating Rules - 2013 March 04

When it comes to date night, there are several things that you should do in preparation for the big day. Of course, putting too much pressure on it will no doubt ruin the evening because you’ll have built it up to be something in your head, and then you’ll be so worried that no doubt subconsciously do something that might spoil the evening, and that is most certainly not what you want. The only thing you can do when going on a date, is make sure you’re as organised as you can be, and then you just have to go with the flow. Don’t try to control the things that you can’t; you can only control how you react to them. This way you won’t drive yourself crazy thinking about things!

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