Alluring Asian Fantasies

Fantasies are something we all have. Fantasies about our careers, about our lives, and about sex. When it comes to discussing the latter, people become a little embarrassed and cagey. Predominately these fantasies are of an erotic nature. It’s commonplace amongst many male social gatherings; the topic of sex always crops up in conversation. This soon moves on to talking about what their wildest/dirtiest/sexiest fantasies are. It’s true, all men fantasy about what they wish they could be doing. And if you’re not fantasising about it then perhaps you’ve already experienced it and are discussing how amazing/not so great it actually is. Public sex, domination, threesomes – these and so many more, are fantasies that men and women have. Fantasies start as an idea in your brain, and soon enough that idea germinates and becomes obsessive; something you need to experience.

There are two components to sexual arouse: imaginative and actual. Imaginative is the fantasy or dream state of an arousal. This can be where your imagination alone is enough to take you to a high level of mental stimulation without the sensory touch; this can still lead to excitement and sexual fulfilment. The actual is where sensory stimuli is encountered through touch, smell and even taste and sexual fulfilment is reached. Fantasies about engaging with beautiful Asian or oriental women is also quite popular with some men. Physical attraction to these women is present as Asian and oriental women have certain physical attributes, such as their youthfulness and slim phyiques. Asian women tend to look younger for longer, with their fresh faced beauty and clear complexions. With famous beauties such as Lucy Liu and Sandra Oh, it’s no wonder why our Asian escorts are so popular. Men, if you fantasise about having a taste of the best bits from the east, then why not book some time with an Asian call girl. We can help to fulfill your fantasies.

In the realm of Asian fantasy women, there are three types: The Geisha, The Asian Sex Goddess and The Asian Princess. These three types of women are considered to be goddess like and sex objects. The male as the role of the protector has been established for a long time and this is no different from how men view Asian women. Sometimes fantasy can turn into ‘Asian Fetish’ and can be deemed as demeaning. If you have a real love and appreciation for Asian women then our Asian escorts in London will be happy to spend time with you. They appreciate good company, good conversation and a good time; if this is what you’re after with your chosen lady then make a booking today. Although all women appreciate being treated like goddesses and princesses, don’t they?