The Appeal of Latex

When it comes to the underground world of London, we’re fairly open about it. This can seem a bit of an oxymoron, so we’ll explain. Living in one of the greatest cities in the world (yes, we may be slightly biased) means you are open to experiment with as much as you want without being overly judged. This is incredibly exciting and an opportunity that shouldn’t be taken for granted and totally taken advantage of. In this instance, we’re talking about the resurgence of latex. It seems that it’s not just for the dominatrixes of the world and the more sexually experimental. In fact, it appears that they’re creeping into our daily wardrobe. We’re obviously not talking head to toe, we think we might get a few odd looks at the water cooler, but just a few accents and you’re away. Of course, this does apply mostly to women. But that’s not to say there’s nothing for the men to enjoy. Have you seen a figure in latex? No? You’ve not lived.

Dressing for Yourself

We’re hearing a collective sigh of relief from the gentleman of the capital at the new ‘in’ material, saying goodbye to the floral prints that have been saturating the market of late. Yes, it may be kitschy, but it’s just not sexy. We are firm believers in dressing for yourself, not for a member of the opposite sex. After all, when you’re in threads that you want to be in, rather than someone else, you feel confident, and this projects as an extremely attractive appeal. But knowing that you can turn the heads of any man as you casually strut along the platform, your derriere perfectly encased in the seamless fabric that it is shrouded in? It gives you an air of authority that makes you command everyone’s attention.

Stark Silhouettes

A garment that is usually designed with stark silhouettes, which sometimes has the opposite effect on a man if they’re immediately intimidated by what they see. They need to be intrigued but not immediately terrified of what has been presented to them. Much like any of the brunette escorts that fill our gallery, they immediately command the attention of any client, who is only too happy to submit to their girl’s every desire. Don’t think that the head-to-toe look is something to be followed - that look is certainly better left up to the professionals.