Are We Failing to Stay in Control?

With so much to be done, and seemingly never enough time to do it, no matter HOW hard you try, there are always things that won’t go according to plan. Of course that extra five minutes snooze doesn’t contribute anything to our daily lives, only slowing it down by five minutes, this can have a knock on effect that we aren’t always aware of. If you’re five minutes late, then you might miss your train. If that happens, you’re going to miss the connecting tube, possibly that early-morning conversation with just you and your boss, able to bend their ear about your hard work to the company. Instead strolling in twenty minutes later, when everyone is settled, and you’re feeling the eyes burning into your back. It can have a much larger knock-on effect than you first realised. Of course, sometimes these things don’t make any difference. But more often than not, and more often than we care to realise or take note of, it does.

We also don’t quite realise the impact our apparent sporadic tardiness can have. Everyone has heard the proverb ‘failing to prepare who is preparing to fail’. This, we are beginning to appreciate, could be true. And all that running about probably isn’t having the best effect on our health. So in order for us to remain as healthy as we can, we need to make sure we totally take care of ourselves. And in order to do that, we need to make sure our lives are in order.

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