There is something so raw, so inspiring about going to see a band live. Everyone has their list of bands that they would love to see live. Unfortunately, along with petrol, the prices of seeing a live set seem to always be on the up, increasing at a rate higher than inflation. Whilst the big festivals almost force you to take out that second mortgage on the house, they’re only for the hardcore fans that can spare five days on the trot, not washing or being hygienic as one would perhaps like to be. At our age, men certainly need to make sure they are taking care of themselves You are camping in a field, afterall. But if you’ve one particular band, it is well worth getting tickets. The best gigs are most certainly the small ones. Whilst the atmosphere in a venue like the O2 is definitely electric, if you’re sat at the back, you will probably spend the entire time watching the TV screens as the act you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of is a tiny spec on a giant stage, hundreds of metres away.

Play it Smart

When it comes to finding somewhere to head to to see a live band, it’s best to get tickets off respected sites. Too many stories have saturated the media with many being ripped off by fake sites. Thankfully, some banks do offer coverage for these types of things but it’s best to do your homework. The ideal venues are places like the Barfly in Camden, or even the Electric Ballroom in Brixton. Obviously they’re only good if whomever you wish to see is playing there. There is something to be said about the outdoor arenas, like the one dayers in Hyde Park. Listening to incredible music in the sunshine is the perfect way to spend the summer days.

First Choice

The hottest bands around are very popular, and often getting tickets can prove difficult. If you think you absolutely want to see a band, you will need to make sure you’re by your computer the second the tickets go on sale. This is the only way to guarantee you’re sure to be able to go. It’s the same when indulging in the time of any of the Asian escorts, for example, that we have for you, here at V. Whilst we our utmost to place with your first choice of girl, we can’t always guarantee she will be available last minute, so it better to get your organisation hat on and book her before you miss out.