Batman or Blonde?

Here at V, there is always something that we’re needing to do, but have an innate ability of putting it off, time after time. We think they call it procrastination, but we’re not entirely sure. We should probably look that up… and this is how it happens! This might be spring cleaning, that cupboard simply cannot stay that way for much longer, or finally getting that pedicure: it’s not just women that need to take care of themselves, you know. Plus, it really does make you feel better about yourself. But in the next couple of months, if it sticks around that long, we absolutely need to go and see the two superhero blockbusters that are reigning supreme at the cinemas. Coming down to a battle of wit, action and how good they look in the suits, Spiderman versus Batman is our biggest dilemma; we really can’t pick a favourite! Now we understand how our clients feel when they are presented with the plethora of stunning companions available at V, all with equally striking looks as well as skills that make them even more attractive than their aesthetics alone.

The only way we can think to do this is to compare the superheroes in the same way that our clients, no doubt, measure the girls’ compatibility with themselves. This is only the way you can determine which is the one you should either spend time with because they fit with you, or perhaps they bring out the best in you. Either way, it goes without saying that you are going to prefer one over the other. But don’t forget it comes down to subjective opinion about what makes a good companion and superhero. Equally, we like the idea of spending time with Catwoman, if we’re honest. Perhaps the mature escorts could do this – they are the more experienced of the companions. That might be something we can explore in the future. Don’t forget to remind us about that!

We’re aware we’re potentially crossing genders here, but that’s what happens when you work as hard as we do! Bringing you the most gorgeous girls ever, we like to think we’re a bit like a superhero. But to the blockbusters, Robin! This brings us nicely onto the subject of Batman. What we love about this hero is that he uses his good, and gastronomical fortune, for the better, helping those less fortunate than himself, not to mention he has an incredible car. And butler, might we add. Not forgetting to mention his cape. The most important thing, however, is that he’s a self-made superhero, unlike our next contender.

Spiderman had superhero status bestowed upon him when he was inadvertently bitten by a spider on a school trip; this is what happened to Toby Maguire, so we’re going with that as fact. Whilst he handled the transition well, we think we might favour Batman – he’s got the wheels!