Be Proud of Who You Are

A recent article in today’s paper struck a chord with us, here at V, just because of the nature of the piece, and if in fact is as regular an occurrence as is made out to be. It’s still a taboo subject, with many perhaps not admitting if they’ve undergone the procedure. We are talking about the rarely commented on penoplasty that promises to lengthen a particular part of the gentleman’s anatomy. Kind of like the boob job for men, it increases the size of the penis. It is purely an aesthetic procedure, but the details can often make for uncomfortable reading, so we’re not going to touch upon it too much.

Like women, who are constantly pressured from impractical and unreal images of celebrities in the media, men are slowly starting to become affected by the output of unrealistic male pictures in the press, also. The amount of retouching, adjustments and alterations they make leaves the final result in vast comparison to the primary photo. This concept remains lost on many, with plenty of people trying to unsuccessfully emulating what they see. Interview in the article, the surgeon in question, who has been working alongside his brother at a Harley Street plastic surgery centre for over twenty years, estimates he has performed over three thousand operations since 1991. He reckons to have carried out two hundred penis enlargement procedures in the past year, alone. The constant exposure of lap shots in magazines and billboards has led to a rise in the feelings of inadequacy in men, forcing them to enhance their figures.

Any of the London escorts we have for you at V will tell you it has nothing to do with how you look. It just seems that women don’t look at the opposite gender in the same way as men, choosing not to turn down a courtship because of the bulge under certain garments. That’s why you can constantly feel yourself whenever you’re with any of the girls from V – they appreciate you for everything that you are.