Being Single Absolutely Has Its Benefits

Being alone can be hard. That constant nagging that your attached friends are a part of something that you aren’t. They seem to have that code for the secret club that almost the whole world yearns to be in, and they are most definitely keeping them close to their chest. Not sure whether to believe in fate, destiny or soulmates (primarily because the last is so unattainable), we never know whether or not to be sad. We think that we should be the absolute opposite. It seems those in couples judge the singles because of how they are living their life; a life that is free from commitment and never having to answer to anyone. Not being perceived in a selfish way, it can be refreshing that you have absolutely no one to answer to. If you want to sleep till noon, order greasy Chinese and then head out again for another night on the town, that’s completely up to you. And that is something we think couples envy us for.

With so much to come from being in a couple, a partnership, it is just as exciting to be single. And with a massive difference between being alone and lonely, the companions are the ideal cure for those that find themselves alone. If it’s another Friday night, people are pairing up and you don’t find yourself fantasising about staring at the bottom of another empty wine bottle that you’ve managed to finish yourself. So why would you, when you’ve the choice of being spoilt rotten by one of the stunningly seductive black escorts, turn them down for a night alone? It seems than in order for us single people to really feel like we don’t completely have to be by ourselves at all points of the day, it’s important to have a solid friends network – diverse enough that we know there will always be one person whom we can turn to when we’re in need.

The idea of indulging in time with a companion is a concept that has been around since the beginning of time, and so it’s a given that it is not only necessary to many men’s lives, but also important for relaxation. There is nothing worse than an angry man – especially when that anger can be easily cured with a satisfying and gratifying experience.