Brighten up your Melancholic Monday

Monday’s don’t normally fill us with joy. As Sunday slowly creeps into the evening, the realisation dawns on many of us, that the beginning of the working weeks looms. It’s not that we all dislike our jobs, although for some this will be the case. It isn’t that we are all lazy, and would like nothing more than to stay in bed on a Monday morning (OK, perhaps we do). It’s just that, Monday’s bring the dread of the morning commute, rush hour and pandemonium, as yet more trains are delayed and subject to alterations and cancellations. Just your typical Monday! However, today, many, if not all of you have felt the same way. Annoyance. Over the weekend, most of the UK experienced snowfall. With some locations receiving more than others. The promise of snow is always an exciting event. The white stuff is somewhat magical, and everyone, whatever their age, can’t resist a revelling in a blanket covering.

London did receive a fairly substantial amount of snow, with many people out and about making the obligatory snowman this weekend. However, after the snow begins to disperse and Sunday trails away, you are left with the dawning prospect of your Monday morning trek to work. The tiniest change in weather and the transport system panics. There is very little that allows the working population to make a pleasant pilgrimage into work these days. The escorts London have to offer have made it in to work today and so have we. We are determined to not let the snow fall dampen our day. Nor should you. The Heathrow escorts may be stumped, with many disrupted flights. Although this is good news for you if you are looking to liven up your five hour wait.

If, like the ladies at V, you’ve made it in to work and you’re one of just a few, then listen up! Don’t be sat at your desk through lunch, waiting for the hours to tick by. Whilst your colleagues are probably at home watching daytime telly, snuggled in the warmth, you’ve been persistant and come in. Well done you. Why not treat yourself for your efforts? If you get an hour for lunch, why not make the most of it? A little lunchtime date is exactly what you need to lift your Monday melancholia. Pick a beautiful London escort from the bevy of babes we have here at V and you will soon have a huge smile on your face that will last for the duration of the day. A pick me up like this is exactly what you need.