Britain United?

With everything that’s been happening over the past week, we feel the need to point out just how good the incredible capital of this country can be, and why it’s in that state. We’ll be using our gorgeous black escorts as an example, because they sum it up perfectly, show off just why staying a part of the global community is such a good idea.

There are so many incredible things in this country to be proud of. The incredible range of countryside that we have, the beautiful sights that come with. The rolling hills and babbling brooks, the same ones that inspired the great poets and playwrights, the ones that have been a backdrop for many a drama. The stunning cities and the beautiful little villages on the edge of nowhere. Our ability to make worldclass produce, from fruit to cheese to meat, ingredients sought after all over the world. So many exceptional things, all of them distinctly British and things we should be proud of.

Yet, there are so many things we consider to be a part of this country that just aren’t, historically speaking. The image of an old man in his allotment, plants growing, tomatoes climbing vines and his battered shed is the archetypical countryside or city vision that is just so very English. The rusted old watering can, the pride he feels as he looks down at his British tomatoes. Except, like our black escorts in London, they’re not actually natives here. It was the Spanish that brought tomatoes here from South America. Before they did, we would have never considered them a part of our culture or cuisine. Neither would the Spanish, or the Italians, or any of the other European countries that use them in abundance.

It’s a somewhat striking example that should serve to illustrate one thing. National flexibility, a pride in one’s country but also an ability to adapt to situations, is what makes us great. It’s what made our empire great, it’s what made Britain great. We took from all over the world and made it ours. Now we might have done that in a very brutal way, but the idea is still solid. Being able to accept things from other cultures, to look at a black escort who has lived in the city all her life and not call her a foreigner but realise she’s just as much a part of the country as anyone else. After all, the original English were celts, and were driven back to Ireland, Wales and Scotland during invasions. None of us are truly a part of this country in the way that we think we are, and oddly that’s what maks us all equal.

People seem to have forgotten that our great strenght has always been our inclusiveness, and none more so than the capital of culture London, which takes all sorts and welcomes them home. We might have voted to leave the continent, but closing our borders and our minds isn’t going to make us great again. If anything, it’s ignoring what made us so special and diverse in the first place, the reason why we have great girls like our black escorts on our books today.