Christmas Party Time!

So it’s that time of year that every pub, bar and restaurant has been advertising for months: ‘hold your work’s Christmas party here!’. Which is then swiftly followed up with some sort of offer to entice you, normally along the lines of ‘Get a free bottle of Rose with every party of 20’. Now, we don’t confess to which beverage takes our fancy most often, but we’re not really sure how much you’re going to get if you’re one of 20 sharing a bottle of wine. That’s just a thought that has sprung to our minds, but if this is something that is ringing true with you, let us know how it goes. We are certainly interested. We’ve pals who have a bottle to themselves...before even leaving the house. We see this as more of a commitment than a problem, and it is the holiday season, you understand. If you can’t let your hair down now, when can you!?

The only bad thing about the office Christmas party is that is has a tendency to allow people just to get that little bit more crazy than they would normally do on a Friday night at the pub. Although we like to think that we are the perfect drunks, we’re pushed to understand if there is actually such a thing. When it comes down to it, we fail to say no to that extra glass of wine. And from the first sip it’s a slippery slope.

When you’ve your whole office in on alcohol-fuelled environment, there will, without a shadow of a doubt, be several untoward things occurring. When we here at V have a party, given our day jobs, it’s crazy what we get up to. But we can’t imagine how awkward it can get for your boring office jobs if someone mentions that they like role play or to employ the services of an Xmas escort. This will, we imagine, lead to unnecessary judgement that you cannot live down. Once something has been said, it’s out there. And with the internet, it only makes it worse. We only have one rule for those attending Christmas parties this weekend, but can still be used in any alcohol environment; leave your phone at home. Or at least ensure it has no battery. Of course this might be dangerous if you get stuck for a lift home, but that’s much easier to conquer than explaining to your ex, who you broke up with several weeks previous, that you’re ‘iver jim’, when in fact what you mean to say is ‘over him’.