Easter Weekend

It’s that time of the year that we look forward to for quite a while. It’s not that the team at V London are lazy by any means, but who doesn’t love a bank holiday? Having those extra days off work, even if there isn’t actually plan anything major on them, can give us that extra boost to sail through the next couple of months, before the next one, and really excel and use the extra energy to our advantage. We seem to be more productive, more willing to go that extra mile, and just more sociable it seems. Of course, V London is always open, so if you’re feeling lonely on the weekend, there is no need to spend it that way. And if you’ve plucked up the courage, having never done so before, to spend the time with a gorgeous girl from V London, you might want to head over to our dating rules to learn a few bit more about where you can take them. There’s nothing worse than being nervous, slightly anxious about what should be a fabulous experience. If you’re looking for a more practical use for the weekend, then we certainly have some things for you to peruse.

Wardrobe Reorganisation

It’s not just the change of the seasons, birthday’s and Christmas that allow us to have a redevelop of our look, the way we appear to others. This COULD be a giant undertaking, if you’re really looking for an overhaul in your look. But it should be fun, something to play around with. Before you think it’s bordering on childish, it might be best to compile some sort of scrapbook. Not only will it allow you to take inspiration from those that you admire (that’s what magazines are for), but you’ll finally be able to have a clear out of those magazines that have been stacked in the living room for a while. This kind of thing isn’t just reserved for eight year old girls who are planning their wedding.

Proper Recuperation

Whilst the idea of proper recuperation might be lost on some, some that fortunately have the time to have a really long soak, spend hours doing their nails or just moisturising to the point they slip off the bed. But we don’t all have the time to be doing this on a regular basis. Of course, if you’ve been following our Looking After Yourself tips, you certainly will have.

Have a Clear Out

At Christmas, we get presents that either stay boxed up and put in the cupboard, so as not to offend the giver, or it replaces an older model that we had been using, of which then goes into the cupboard. Why, we never know. You’re not going to use it because it’s been well worn out, so why do we keep it? It might have something to do with sentimental reasons. That’s one of the thoughts shared with the clients of V who indulge in time with the same blonde escort do so because they feel a certain connection that they don’t get anywhere else.

Watching Films

Watch films, television, catch up on the TV boxsets that you got for Christmas that you haven’t had a chance to do because work has just taken over. In times of recession, when it seems that absolutely nothing is concrete, nothing is certain, we throw ourselves into our work as much as possible, ensuring that we really do the best we can in the workplace. It is because of this that we might not be able to have the time to do so, so take full advantage of the situation. Grab a bowl of popcorn and relax!