Here at V, London escorts are what we do, as anyone familiar with this site will know. It’s not hard to understand why these girls inspire such passion and are so enjoyable to work with. If you had the chance to work with radiant beauties all day every day, ensuring that half of the capital walks around with huge smiles on their faces, it’s doubtful that you would say no. Quite right too, working with London escorts really is one of the more enjoyable things that one can indulge in. Everyone involved in this industry is proud of the service that they provide to the ladies and gents of the capital, and of the utter satisfaction that they help to bring.

The London escort industry is one that not many people are familiar with though. Most guys don’t realise the realities of the world in which they like to dabble. This blog is going to celebrate some of the more wonderfully silly things we’ve had happen to us and have heard from customers. Please understand, we’re not mocking our customers, after all many of us have put our foot into it when we’ve plunged headfirst into an area with way too much enthusiasm.

London escorts work odd hours, which is a bit of a given, but we once had a man who refused to see any girl after a strict 9 o’clock deadline, declaring that he wouldn’t want to distract her from her beauty sleep. He also said it was far too unsafe for her to be out after that time, which is a fair point, except all of our ladies have paid cabs to take them from client to client, in order to ensure their safety and happiness. Bless him though, his concern was sweet and the girls who went to see him incredibly charming. Who said chivalry is dead?

Then there was the gentleman who wanted us to find a lady that looked exactly like his wife. Fair play, we thought, maybe she isn’t around anymore or she’s away a lot or he’s far from home on business and feeling lonely. We’ve all wanted a bit of familiar company when feeling uncertain in strange surroundings. The catch? The lovely London escort we supplied him with wasn’t for him, it was for her. He wanted a woman that looked exactly like his wife to keep his wife company and explore the capital with it. It turned out that he was just looking for a woman that fit his culture’s tropes of beauty, but it did give us a bit of a giggle!

Finally, no discussion would be complete without the tale of the man who ended up booking 12 escorts for an hour instead of one girl for 12 hours! He was meant to be attending a wedding, but strangely enough taking 12 dates along might have seemed a little odd. In the end he ended up skipping it and just enjoying the best hour of his life with all those beautiful babes!