Escorts and Snow Days? The Perfect Combination

There is nothing like a bit of snow to send the country into shutdown. Though to give the south and the capital its dues, we are still able to catch the buses, tubes and trains thus far... touch wood. It seems the worst of it has yet to hit, however, so we must still be prepared. Whilst many have their guilty pleasures, who doesn’t love to watch a bit of crap TV every now and then, we are unable to pull ourselves away from the weather page on the BBC website (other meteorological outlets are available). There isn’t the constant refresh, let’s be honest, it doesn’t need that much updating, but we often like to play a game of snap. And we are surprised at just how often they manage to get it right.

Getting Prepared

We are always so surprised at just how much the country comes to a standstill when it has snowed, despite every newspaper featuring pictures of British road workers standing in a giant hangar, full of grit. Then again, how can they be expected to go out and grit the roads when they’ve not been gritted, because they themselves might crash and they would then end up suing... themselves? So, it seems we haven’t really thought this through, but no biggie. Whatever happens, we hope we get at least one snow day this year. Yes, we still have to work from home, as do most of the country, apart from those pesky school kids that get to build snowmen, and the college kids who build altogether ruder parts. But it’s different, doing it in your jammies, watching a bit of TV, and altogether just having a less stressful day than you would do if you were in the office. Don’t get us wrong, we adore the employment we are currently filling. But we’re only human! Who doesn’t want to spend a day wrapped in a duvet when the temperature outside makes your freezer feel like an island in the Bahamas.

Getting Cosy

Of course, there’s nothing worse than spending the cosy day alone. We know that there are certain modes of transport that become slightly tricky whenever we are hit with a cold snap, but the majority of the underground is, you know, underground. So chances are they won’t be as affected by the weather. So hop on the Central, Northern or Bakerloo, depending on where you’re coming from or even headed to, remembering to have booked some time with any of the brunette escorts that are available in the gallery, and get nice and cosy. After all, who knows when you’ll get the chance again. With global warming, we need to enjoy these cold spells when we can!