Facing Your Fears

Confronting your fears are equally the best and worst things that you can do. Not only does it force to face something that probably isn’t as bad as you think it is, it helps you get into the frame of mind that you can, one day, overcome them. The majority of fears, it’s safe to say, are irrational. For example, those living in this country who have a case of arachnophobia are surely overreacting. Let’s be honest, there will never be an instance where you are bitten by a spider that will do you any harm, neigh bitten by one period. That’s because we just don’t have that type of animal in this country. For example, if you lived in Australia, let’s say, it would be completely understandable. They have a very generous proportion of deadly spiders, but not here! This, to us, is a prime example of an irrational fear.

There are obviously more common fears, for example, flying. This is actually one shared by a number of people in the V London office. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes us worried about stepping on a plane. The turbulence, the toilets. Who knows the individual reasons that every single one of us that is scared of flying has. It might be the lack of control, not being able to see out the front window. But flying is certainly considered unnatural, and we wonder if humans were ever meant to do it? I mean, of course they were. There are a number of things that certainly take precedence when discussing if humans were meant to do them, but that’s not what’s important right now.

Humans were meant to live life to the fullest, to achieve the greatest things and reach the highest mountains. We might have stolen this directly from a Celine Dion song, but that’s neither here nor there. Life was meant for living, and it’s something we encourage our clients to do every single day. We have our own lives, meant to be lived our own way. So next time you think you need to excuse your actions (so long as they’re not illegal or directly hurting someone), don’t. Think about why you’re doing it for YOU, and what you hope to get out of it. This way, you’re always going to be happy with whatever you decide. So next time you ring us, and request a blonde escort, be proud. You’re with one of the hottest girls in town.