Faves on the Box

We have addressed, far too many times already, that it is indeed that time of year again and we need the extra layers. The time to really wrap up, get cosy, and indulge in hats and scarves and gloves and thick socks is upon us. We’ve gone even further this time, and suggested reasons to head inside during this cold weather snap. With so much going on on the ol’ telly box, we have hand-picked one for you that we are absolutely dying for at the moment. We know what you’re going to say! Yes, we are incredibly proud of the wide variety of companions that we offer and are able to give to our clients. But unfortunately, the same cannot be said for television programmes. We just love human companionship much more than sitting alone in front of a screen. That’s just how we roll! So we will only be discussing the one programme today. And that programme is Me and Mrs Jones.

A show that has so far got equal reviews, but was unnecessarily scathed in The Guardian, is a hit for the Friday-night viewers. A comedy (with no laughter track, thank God), it centres around a mum, her ex-husband, her son’s best friend and the man she’s dating. Not as seductive as The Graduate, but much more relatable. The tension between Mrs Jones and Billy, Jason and Tom (friend, ex and current, respectively) is funny, endearing and rather addictive. The character of Jason is funny, Tom you find slightly annoying and Billy… well he’s definitely the eye candy for the ladies. For the men, you’ve got Jason’s girlfriend, Inka. The Swedish babe, she is often in tight outfits that really showcase her curves. And judging by the beautiful people in our galleries we’re wondering why none of them were picked to play the part!

There’s nothing worse than finding a bloody good TV show and catching up on the episodes, only to find that you have to wait at least five days for the next one to come on the telly. That, and finding out that your first choice of English escort from V London isn’t available. Though in this instance you could very much pick another companion. With programmes, particularly those in their first series, it’s impossible. So why not spend as much time as possible with any of the girls that we have available. At least until the next episode comes on. And they’re only half an hour so it won’t encroach on your personal time, too much.