First Timers, Rejoice!

So Wimbledon is over, and we are left without a champion. But who cares! A British man made it to the final! We are overjoyed and cannot believe how well Mr Murray did. We are in no way ashamed to show our support for this lovely fellow. He played strong, and up against Federer who is probably one of, if not the, greatest tennis players to have ever graced our courts, we’d say job well done. And one day he will win Wimbledon. We know this. Though we doubt you’re here to discuss the happenings of the tennis – it’s the ladies that have caught your eye. And you’d be dead right to stop by, so welcome! We will happily walk you through the process of how you can spend time with any of the girls in the gallery that we have for you. It should be anything but a nervous venture. It’s an experience filled with fun, excitement and any other word you can think of that represents having a bloody good time.

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