Flirt Divert

Here at V, we’re thought of as pioneers in this industry because of how many gorgeous girls we have on offer for you. Also, we like to think we help certain gentlemen’s self-esteems, teaching them the ways of the world when it comes to indulging in some time with these companions. Our clients have the advantage over their male companions in the pub that they don’t have to put them through the often embarrassing notion of trying to flirt with the attractive woman who is standing at the bar. You’re already out with the girl of your dreams, so you don’t need to lose your mind over her socialising with someone else; she’s with you. You might be spending time with this particular companion because you’re not confident in approaching those that you deem worthy of your attention, and coming across as cool and collected. There’s probably still a young nerd inside of you, screaming to get out. So exploit your time with this particular escort, and practice your flirting techniques. You never know, she may even give you some hints. Although it’s likely you will have to start the flirting process, yes we live in the modern world, but still some women don’t ask out the men they find attractive, you can expect some flirting back. And it’s important to know what these signs are should she start to reciprocate.

But back to the wine which, we’re sure you’ll agree, is what we’re all here for. We like to sit, relax and just let the worries of the world fade away with a glass of Chardonnay. It’s just really lovely to sit, we find. But if this isn’t enough excitement for you (why it wouldn’t be we do not know; calm down! You’re not Flash!) there are definitely other things that you could be doing of a Friday night. We hear there are some lovely ladies knocking about the place. Of course, we simply mean this in a Jack-the-Lad tone, nothing derogatory. Having said that, we do find ourselves having to watch more and more what we say in case if offends anyone. For example, if you see a woman walking a dog, you can no longer say ‘what a bitch’ as she sashays past, and this makes us sad. Sometimes we worry that the world is becoming too over-sensitive.

Luckily for you, the brunette escorts brunette escorts, for example, are not like this. Of course, don’t be mean. That just will not fly with us and we will not stand for it. But you don’t have to worry about pretending to be a wallflower, either. Instead, you just need to be yourself. These women truly value honesty, and it can be hard to keep up a pretence; pretending to be someone you’re not. So why bother? The blonde escorts we have, and all the other hair colours we cater for, are some of the most genuine girls you are most likely to meet in this city. And they only ask you show your appreciation by showing them the same courtesy. Why do you even need to be someone you’re not? Be strong and confident; like the man we know you to be.