Flying the Flag

Another tournament, another disappointment? Yes, it’s that time again. Time to get behind the England football team for another major footballing occasion. This time it’s the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine (lovely girls!). So often we pump up the already over-inflated egos of our Billy-Big-Time players only for us to flop out with a rather lethargic and tactically inept performance.

Here at V we were just talking of the so called ‘Golden Generation’ that has now pretty much passed without so much as a final to talk about. The squad that has travelled to Eastern Europe for this major tournament has far less expectation on its shoulders. This has caused quiet and hopeful mumbles to emerge from the corners of dark drafty pubs that maybe, just maybe, this might allow the team to swing freely and create a few upsets this summer.

The swirl round the camp, and here in the office, has certainly been different. The squad seems to have a perfectly underestimated blend of wise old heads, in the form of Stevie G and JT, and a fine crop of young thirsty hopefuls, like Oxlade-Chamberlain and Henderson, eager to show that they have arrived! What’s more, the international crowd seem to have forgotten the history and pedigree of England’s head coach, Roy Hodgson. V quotes the Germans as remarking ‘Roy who?’ upon his appointment to the job. Well, let us remind you dear Germans! This is the same Roy that has been managing since 1976 and has taken both Inter Milan and Fulham to European finals as well as qualified Switzerland for the World Cup.

Many England fan regulars have decided not to make the trip east on this occasion. Not because of England’s chances but because of the rip-off prices the locals are looking to charge for entertainment over there. So why not stay at home and enjoy the game on the box with one of our lovely English escort ladies round to spoil you rotten. She’ll attend to your every need.

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So, as you can see, here at V we are getting into the spirit of things. To be honest, we rather fancy England’s chances about as much as you fancy our lovely girls. So quick, who is it? Its Ukraine next, right? Hurry and book one of our young Ukrainian ladies before they’re all gone. Give one of our friendly receptionists a call now and let them know your preference.