Get into the Christmas Spirit

With only a week to go until Christmas Eve, things are really starting to feel merry. Someone must have told the weatherman what time of year it is – we’ve got a white Christmas for sure! Everyone has their fingers crossed that it won’t disrupt travel too much; some flights and trains have already been cancelled, and the worst hit areas in the UK have closed off roads. This will ruin many people’s plans to visit friends and family, so they’re really hoping things will clear up enough that they can make it in time for Christmas. We all remember how London came to a stand still last year and the one before – we might have to get out our snow boots and trek across the city!

As troublesome as the snow can be, it’s beautiful to watch when you’re inside somewhere warm. It makes the whole world look white and clean, creating a magical festive atmosphere. Every idyllic scene on a Christmas card features a blanket of snow, and it’s what children dream and hope for. You’ll see them playing outside: building snowmen, having snowball fights and sledging down hills. If you can wrap up warm enough, it can be a joy! Most of our London escorts prefer to stay inside by the log fire, making the most of the mulled wine.

You will have noticed that everyone likes to indulge in things they like at this time of year; some like a tipple and spend large portions of the season drunk, some give into their desires for chocolate and sweets, others succumb to those spendaholic urges and splash out on things they might not buy at other times of year. We also notice a rise in London gentlemen booking escorts to come and spend the evening with them – a festive treat for themselves! It beats going to a carol service. The great thing is that our prices are so low, it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. We have the best quality girls available to join you for any kind of festivities, whether it’s a Christmas party or a cosy night in. Just let us know which lady you like the look of, and she could be with you inside an hour.

We’re proud to bring you the finest selection of Christmas escorts in London, throughout the entire period. Double the fun, double the festivities, and perhaps – if you’re lucky – a kiss under the mistetoe!