Happy 2013, from V London!

Well, time certainly flies when you’ve a year full of jubilees, summer games and royal babies! It’s a wonder we managed to get so much done thanks to the abundance of activities that we allowed ourselves to fully indulge in as we said goodbye to the year that almost cost us the end of the world. Of course we jest, we never actually believed in the Mayan prediction that we would all cease to exist come the certain time and place. But there were a select few who were convinced and made plans, just in case. This might have included stockpiling alcohol, ‘for bartering’, or building a giant bunker underground. Thankfully, it never materialised and we were free to celebrate the start of 2013, safe in the knowledge that the end of the world was no longer upon us. And if you did it right, you might be nursing the Nurofen, today.

Celebration Station!

Of course, there is nothing big and clever about binge drinking, but when it comes to celebrating the new year, it’s a perfect time to let loose and celebrate with friends and family. It is shocking just how expensive this time of year can be, with pubs deciding to charge just to get INTO. When, on any other day of the year, we could freely wander in and have a tipple or two. Which is why, in our opinion, you are guaranteed a simply fabulous night by having a few friends over, and toasting in the new year in the comfort of your own home. One, it means you are not subject to extortionate prices of taxi travel after the chime hits midnight. We don’t even know what it is - it might be time and a half, it also might be time and a thousand. Whatever they go on, it doesn’t seem worth it, just because it’s a particular day of the year. So staying in is certainly preferable. Especially when you can bring your own drinks and have already spent all that you’re happy to before the night has even begun. No nasty little surprises when you open your wallet the next morning and a load of credit card receipts fall out. We never like to look!

Happy 2013!

However you spent the start of the year, perhaps in the company of a New Years Eve escort, we wish you all the very best for 2013. This is the year that will be yours. So indulge, push yourself to the limits and achieve all that everyone told you you couldn’t. Happy New Year!