Have We Been Saving Our Pennies?

All we seem to have heard about for the last year is the recession, the credit crunch, the economic climate. As if we weren’t already aware that we’ve had to tighten our purse strings! Lots of industries have suffered due to the general public being forced to make cut backs, especially things considered ‘luxury’ rather than necessity.

Despite all this doom and gloom, recent reports have showed that Christmas sales in the UK are up by 13% compared to last year – and that was just November’s figures! This month may see them rise even further. It would seem that we’re either being a bit more reckless to cheer ourselves up, or we have been squirrelling away our pennies in preparation for special occasions such as the Christmas season.

There is one thing that is the ultimate treat at this time of year – something we consider both a luxury and a necessity! Hire a stunning London Escort, and remind yourself that however bad things get in the world, life is still worth living.