There’s something about the inspiration of others that allows us to really excel in life and aspire and succeed to be that someone allows us to be who we are. There are times when some try their very hardest to make it through the struggles. This kind of thought isn’t just for those on X Factor, competing to be the next biggest pop star the country has ever seen. Sometimes it can border on cliche, with many proclaiming they’re doing it for their first best friend who broke their leg in year eight and wasn’t able to compete in that year’s sports day. It’s stories like this that can detract from the main objective. We all have role models, people that we look up to in our lives. One of the biggest in the world is probably somebody like David Beckham. Who doesn’t love golden balls? We can usually categorise our role models into sections, depending on what effect they have on us. Normally, these fall into things such as family, friends and other such instances. Today, however, we’re going to be pinpointing those we aspire to, that remind us anything is possible and who, to be frank, we just totally enjoy reading about. So step forward our first contestant.

Barack Obama

How on earth could we possibly have a list about the most inspiring people in the world, the ones that show us it doesn’t matter at all where you come from, it’s all about where you’re going, without including the amazing Barack Obama. The first black president of the United States, Obama has shown that it’s all about the effort you put into something that allows you to really succeed. Faced with a seemingly-growing number of critics, Obama has stood in the face of adversity as well as those that believed him to be the wrong choice for his position. Not only was he faced with opposition because of his race, we can only wish that the people of America were as open as our clients of V are, when deciding on their lady partner for the evening. Whilst everyone has preferences, we would be pushed to find a gentleman who could resist the incredible urges they feel when they meet with a gorgeous black escort?

Karl Lagerfeld

Another gentleman we cannot help but admire is Karl Lagerfeld. Having spent a career creating collections for Chloe, Fendi and Chanel, to name but a few, his look is world-renowned. Never is the man seen without jet-white hair, black sunglasses and a fitted suit. His reign over the fashion world is astonishing and quite inspiring to show that whatever industry you’re interested in, whatever field you wish to excel in, you really have nothing standing in your way. It’s all on you. You have to be prepared to put in the hard graft, the hours, the brain power, the lack of any social life (almost) to really do well in certain areas. But the payoff at the end? It’s the thought of this that should keep you going, keep you on your toes. Whilst he might not have pioneered particular trends, like the resurgence of latex that seems to be appearing in our shops, he is used to masterminding whole seasons. And it’s things like this that ensure Karl Lagerfeld will remain atop many idol lists.

The Escorts Themselves

Well, how could we possibly have a best of list without including our very own role models. Seen by some as taboo, something that shouldn’t be advertised in plain sight, for all to see, the companions that we have in our galleries are enough to tempt even the most fussiest of clients. Just ask any gentleman who gives us a call on a Friday or Saturday night. Or any other time for that matter, we are available 24/7, afterall. The lifestyle of these ladies is often admired by many as they are not only independent women who go after that which interests them, but they don’t let anyone put them down. And it’s not just fellow girls that can take inspiration from these ladies. It’s how they choose to live their lives, and their own life, that can really show us it’s all about the decision YOU make. Not the ones others make for you.