Is It Spring Yet?

The clocks have gone forward! We have finally entered into official British Summer Time, yet the weather has never been colder. Well, it probably has in the depths of winter, but this time last year we were enjoying long days of sunshine and hot days. Now, we’re forever met with cloudy skies, chilly temperatures and the inability to leave the house without a giant coat, unless you fancy freezing to death. It seems the weather could not be more wrong if it tried, and it seems it’s not even trying. We just want the warm temperature, and the option to head to the beer garden. We’ve never had to wait this long before we’re able to consider heading outside in the springtime, and we don’t care for it. So we’ve decided to think of the things to wile away the time until the weather gets a bit better. Bear mind, some of these are slightly old school, but we like to take a step back in time every once in awhile.


Right, we know the last time you went bowling was probably when you were about 12 years old, and it was a friend’s birthday party, but we think it is a very underrated activity. Let’s be honest, any sport that might require to show a lovely brunette escort how to do it properly, think of every film that’s had the lead showing the female how to swing, the tension is incredible. And don’t forget, that you’re in public so it has to be very PG. When the game’s over and you can head to a pub or elsewhere, all that built up tension can finally find its release.


So you can’t really have a conversation with any of the girls from V when you’re in a cinema, so you might have to save this trip for mates, or family. The summer blockbusters are surely soon to descend upon us movie-goers, but for now, you can see the ones that got much hype at the Oscars. Let’s be honest, you’ve got a seat, it’s in the warmth, and you get to see the film on a really good screen. What more could you want?!


Now, before you say we’re cheating and this isn’t really an inventive or ingenious idea, bear with us! Before you know it, you will be faced with crowds that no experience commuter could navigate, hot bars and sweaty nightclubs. So, before that starts to happen, enjoy the last few instances where you can enjoy a glass of wine by the fire. Of course, if you’re looking for something a little bit more out there, a little bit more interactive, check the local venue listings, for the best new band on the scene.