It’s Raining, It’s Pouring… And We Like It

Welcome, autumn! It’s safe to say we have missed you. The extra layers where we can really get cosy, that extra cookie that we can indulge in and not worry about our bikini bod are just some of the examples why, to us, autumn will always be our favourite time of year. Not only because it formally announces the end of summer, but because it alleviates some of the stresses and strains that come with the hotter times of year. It seems that, out of all the seasons, summer is definitely up there for being named the most stressful. Now, we know that winter yields the biggest holiday of the year, merry times come Christmas day, but the summer is just full of worry. The abundance of flesh on show makes us regret that late night snack of McDonald’s, the pale skin that we have hidden under our jeans shines like a milk beacon in our shorts and the toasty public transport is less than welcome. It is this, and many more that we hasten to nip in the bud before this becomes the biggest whinge-a-thon you’ve seen since Posh Spice asked for more lead vocals in the Spice Girls, that makes us not miss summer.

Whilst the weather was absolutely beautiful this summer, it was only ever really appreciated if you were holed up in a beer garden somewhere, surrounded by friends and family, enjoying a tipple as the sun set over our great nation. However, one look out the window today (hello, rain), and it seems the sun has forever set on the greatest summer, in terms of sport, that our country has ever known. That is why, we are not taking things too personally when it comes to evaluating our weather over the last few months. Instead, we will part on civil terms, and concentrate on our new winter coats, and whatever activities we can think of to warm us up as the thermometer drops. Because, let’s face it, it’s just nicer to be indoors when the weather is less than satisfactory. But you must ensure you are not spending this time alone. There is nothing better than a glass of wine and a good conversation with a London escort. They aren’t called companions for nothing, remember. So head inside, grab a bottle and a corkscrew and get talking. It’s one of our favourite pastimes.