Jubilee Jubilations are Just Jovial

So the Diamond Jubilee extravaganza is over and we find ourselves back to normality; that is until the summer games descend upon us and we’re back to unscheduled breaks, work when we’re told and the Union Jack everywhere! We can’t even work out in our heads just how much rubbish these two events will produce. We can only hope that London does its bit in recycling and what not. Having dealt with the formalities, we can now move on to better and brighter things. For not only are we well into the summer months (June, July and August for those currently head scratching), we daren’t leave the house without the sunnies. It seems that whilst the weather is more temperamental than anything else on this entire planet (an example escapes us right now), there is a constant stream of sunniness; and we certainly aren’t complaining. There’s a big a difference betwixt sitting on a pub garden bench, nursing a glass of red wine with a beautiful faux fur wrapped around can be quite a pleasant. But when the sky is grey, it just completely changes the whole atmosphere. It can be the same temperature, but it’s just a hell of a lot nicer when the sun is shining. This can be commonly known as the winter blues.

Other ways to relax are spending time with the fabulous escorts in London, available right here. It seems they too look better when they’re a bit sunnier, or just smilier. With the right companion, you are guaranteed an absolutely fabulous time. Without them, you’d be sitting alone in a pub garden with a glass of wine. Now that’s not the way to spend your time after a ridiculously jam-packed weekend of partying, thanks to the Queen having sat for sixty years. If she hasn’t got a numb bum by now, we’re shocked.

The jubilations of the jubilee weekend (how could we even resist!) are over, and as we sit back at our desks, we eagerly await the next long weekend. Without them, we’d be in a constant cycle of working, weekending, working, weekending etc. But with them, we get just enough time off to not warrant going crazy in the office, fearful that we might be wasting our lives away. Whilst working isn’t really an option, unless you’re an heiress, it’s not really up for debate. What you do when you’re not at your desk, though, is completely your decision. In fact, you can probably have a perusal of the London escorts available.