Just Call Us Aunty V

Working in the industry we do, we often get asked somewhat personal questions about how certain people can generate more excitement into their lives, or what type of shoe really accentuates the fit of a good suit. Of course the last one we may have made up, but you wouldn’t believe the range of questions come the way of the V staff. We are professionals, after all, so it is to be expected. That’s right, we like to toot our own horn every once in awhile. Of course our most loyal clients do that for us everytime they come back and enjoy another wild time with any of our incredible London escorts. And why wouldn’t they – with great times to be had with the incredibly gorgeous girls that we have filling the galleries, it only makes sense that we others would want in on a slice of the action! And with the prices that we’re offering? It seems there’s never been a better time to get in touch and change your life for the better.

Well, we seem to be digressing slightly, so we’ll return to the point in hand. It seems much like snowflakes, fingerprints, or even David Beckham’s hairstyles; you will never find two the same. This is very much the same for our clientele, who rely on our services to either better themselves in work, allowing themselves to fully concentrate on their career without worrying about making commitments to other things or people. It is because of this that we believe the knowledge we have accrued collectively makes it highly possible that we would be able to answer, most comfortably, any question relating to love, lust and leggings. Are they a trouser? No! So please wear a long enough top to cover your derriere. Again, we digress, but if someone doesn’t tell them this, who will?! Well, it seems our profound oracle-ability stretches further than we first realised. It doesn’t just stop at ‘who is the best companion?’ when we know this is like asking how long is a piece of string. They each have their own merits, and when we mean merits we mean incredible talents that they love spoiling their clients with.

We would urge you not to believe the stereotypes that lend themselves to hair colours, skin colours and the colours of the rainbow. This doesn’t make sense, granted, but we are just loving the word rainbow in the office of late, and we’re not entirely sure why? Whilst it’s not necessarily a stereotype, there are certain things that you should come to expect from certain companions. For example, the busty escorts are going to be generously proportioned in several areas. This is a given. But if you ever have any questions about escorting, what to expect, how to become one, don’t hesitate to drop us an email. Just call us Aunty V.