Just Go For It

Here at V, we are most certainly in the business of treating ourselves and our clients. We understand just how important it is to indulge, and just allow ourselves to be spoiled – either by ourselves or by other people. This is because we work hard, and we don’t think we should have to shy away from that. It makes sense that we work so hard – in today’s climate it seems anybody can find their lives turned upside down in a heartbeat, so it’s absolutely vital to live in the moment. That’s why the popular acronym that is finding itself around the internet, whilst a little bit cheesey and potential far too embedded in the tween market, is YOLO: You Only Live Once. If you want to take that round the world trip, you should. If you want to cuddle up to a companion over drinks at The Ivy, what’s stopping you. Life is not a destination, it’s a journey. And it’s the daily occurrences that add up to making your life so unforgettable that you’ll look back, when you’re in your slippers, and think ‘I did good’. And we would like to help ensure this happens.

The girls that we have filling our galleries are companions to the very end. They cheer up our clients if they’re feeling lonely, they inject them with a new lease of life and encourage them to pursue their dreams an ambitions. Whilst some may look upon this with an equivocal brow, thinking this is possible to do to yourself, we know that for everyone, it’s not that easy. Some need an extra push. Have you ever managed to stay on that diet for as long as you have when you’ve paired up with a buddy? Exactly. And this is just like that. Someone holding you hand, making sure you’re relaxed and as confident as we know to be. Also ensuring you stay on the right edge of confidence – arrogance is never a good thing. Of this there is no debate.

Of course, like anything, too much of something can leave a sickly taste in the mouth. If it’s a particular song, you get sick of hearing it, if it’s food, it goes straight to the top of your most hated list. So long as you remember to mix it up, you’ll be fine. The song can remain in your top rated tracks of the year if you integrate it with other songs. The food becomes a delicacy when enjoyed with a plethora of platters. And the English escort remain fresh and exciting if you mix the ladies up, picking a different one each time. You are welcome, fellas.