The Last Few Days of Summer

So, if the weather from the last couple of days is anything to go by, it makes sense that we start preparing ourselves for the winter that will soon spring itself upon us as we wave goodbye to the sunny months that we have enjoyed. It seems that we have infact been spoilt by the amount of sunshine bestowed upon these past couple of months. The number of sweaty people on the tube are enough to tell us that the temperatures are, whilst not unprecedented, not the norm for the city. It’s a shame that we’ve been in the office as much as we have when the weather was so incredibly beautiful outside, but when you run one of the most successful agencies in London, we simply must put our clients first. Without that dedication, we wouldn’t be able to provide such a high quality of companions to you.

So what’s the first thing to go in the cupboard in preparation for winter? Well, we think we should start with the short shorts. Whilst we think anyone is brave for wearing them in the first place, it makes sense that these go into the cupboard. Of course for women, these can still be worn with tights, but these are all too often seen those of the younger generation. We appreciate and embrace our maturity and age, so you will not catch us sporting this look for a fair while. When it comes to the gentlemen, if you feel like stretching out those tailored city shorts for a bit long, by all means. But don’t forget that we do have a tendency to laugh when the men are obviously cold and so their leg hair sticks up like they’ve poked their toe into a plug socket.

Before you start thinking about double standards when it comes to making fun, it just seems that by making fun of us, you have a lot more to lose. Whilst men have dominated the world, in times gone by, in regards to power and money, it seems times are changing. Women know that they know longer need a man to make it through life, instead it seems that the we just need to enjoy their company, rather than what we can get from them. And men need to understand that there are several things that they need from women. In particular, the escorts London has to offer. Without them, many men would be left lonely, with so much built up anxiety that they would simply be lost and struggle to go on. A bit of an exaggeration, we understand, but with so many relying on us, we like to provide as much as possible.