Leap Year: February 29 Facts

Take a look at the date. If you haven’t realised already, today is the 29 February. This meaning, that it is a leap year. Every four years, we celebrate this leap year. This means on such a year, the month of February has an extra day; 29 instead of 28. A leap year consists of 365 days as opposed the standard 365 days of a common day.

Even for those that are aware of this Quadrennial occasion, you may still be wondering why it occurs. The reason for the shift in calender is simply because the Earth actually takes longer than 365 days to orbit the sun. It is actually closer to 365.242199 days, which accumulates to be almost an extra six hours a year. When you consider it like this, a sync with the Earths orbit and our calender is important so as not to mess up the seasons and weather structure.

There are some traditions that have existed for centuries that still remain today. The one that is perhaps the most well-known custom is for women to propose to men on the 29 February of a leap year. Said to be an old Irish legend, women who were turned down after propositioning a man should expected to receive a gift, as damages for any humiliation caused. However, the London escorts shall not be getting down on one knee, although will be waiting with open arms to receiving gifts galore.

However, if you are spending the evening with your girlfriend, then beware. If you’re not prepared to make the ultimate commitment to your partner and reply: YES! Those that believe in superstition, may consider following suite with the Greeks. They consider getting proposed on this leap year is incredibly unlucky and put a curse on the foreseeable wedding.

Gentleman, don’t be scared off by your ladies privilege of proposing. If she is considering asking for your hand in marriage (how very formal), then count yourself lucky. When a woman has spent some time thinking about whether or not to propose, it generally means she is more than happy with you and your relationship together. The stunning escorts London have to offer agree that when you start running away from any talk about this, then you may need to question your reasons. If you are in a committed relationship then you may of already broached the subject. Don’t be afraid of saying no if the time isn’t right though. At least it will be the stimulus to get the two of you talking about your future together. No one wants to have the conversation, but it is beneficial to you both singing off the same hymn sheet. Just remember, you’ll have to buy her lots of presents to make up for it.