A Liquid Lunch

Now that the weather is getting warmer, there is nothing more disheartening than having to sit in the office at lunchtime, eating your sad sandwich at your desk whilst the sun is shining full hog in through the window. Times for socialising does not need to be limited to the later hours of the day - a swift half at lunch so long as you’re not blatantly intoxicated should be fine. And, let’s be honest, if you’re in the pub then you’ll no doubt indulge in proper British grub, like a steak and ale pie or the classic helpings of fish and chips. Whatever it is, it can really brighten your day. But as the days get longer and the sun really does start to shine more generously on our capital, you should grab a quick sip. And because of this, you’re more likely to be out with friends more, not wanting to curl up alone with a beer in front of the radiator (no one has fires anymore) and fall asleep in front of Have I Got New For You. Instead you go out, have a fabulous time, and then get in touch with us here at V for your pick of the most fabulous London escorts has to offer.

We all have our favourite tipple - wine, beer or spirit - and the same can be said for tastes in partners, dates, companions. Some of us have a penchant for brunettes; there’s something about the dark lock look that really engages with so many of our clients. It’s the sultry look that few fair-haired girls can pull off. They seem more mysterious, more of an enigma than their lighter colleagues. That said, he who hasn’t spent time in the company of a blonde escort should never think about judging them. They are some of the most carefree girls you should ever hope to spend time with.

Not only does the summer mean we can start indulging in some of our favourite sports, step forward football, but we can no longer feel weird about having ice in our drinks. It seems we have to have the complete opposite to drink to what the weather is like outside. We mean that in the winter months we usually sip on hot chocolate, double up on the teas, and drink red wine. it’s just more cosy, that way. But come spring? Well, get out the bottles of white and cider, grab an ice bucket and pull up a pew. This is gonna be a cracking summer.