Long Weekend Washout

All too often we’ve been holidaying with friends or partners, on a two week holiday, and you’ve heard someone announce ‘ten days would have been enough’. That’s because we can’t handle that amount of time off. This is just the human way. We will constantly complain at work the long hours, and the longer days and the forever-increasing gaps between our social occasions. We cannot help but count down the days until our impending holiday, only to be fed up halfway through. This is why the bank holiday is so popular. You get two days off for a weekend, four days working, four days weekend, four days working and two days off. By the time you might start complaining about how long the break is, you’re immediately thrust back into the working world, only to get fed up after a few days and find the working week has been shortened, just as you begin to moan. For many of us, the Easter holiday weekend is the best time of the year, for many reasons. Just make sure you spend it wisely. We don’t mean going on an Easter egg hunt, but maybe there are some cute chicks in our gallery who take your fancy?

If you’re all too often hauled up in front of the TV on your days off, we say ‘what the?!’. These days that are awarded to us should be taken full advantage of. The ability to go out and drink on a Thursday night and not worry about pulling yourself out of bed, downing half a pack of aspirin and acting like you WANT to be in work the next day? Not on a bank holiday! Presenting so many opportunities, this weekend should be valued, cherished and well spent. Living in London, which in our opinion is the greatest city in the world, you never need spend a day doing something easy. Has work been kicking your arse and you’re really not in the mood to spend a second longer there than necessary? If so, why don’t you treat yourself for all your hard work and indulge in some time with the blonde escorts Or perhaps a blonde gal is more your cup of tea? Either way, the variety of escorts we have for you means that even the most specific of demands are always met. Always eager to please, these girls that dreams are made of can be made a reality with a quick call to the cheap London escorts.

Overeating chocolate leaves you with bad skin and whilst the experts say it contains good endorphins, it often leaves nothing but feelings of guilt. That’s why it’s never better to do something that’s not just an indulgence, but a much-loved encounter. Don’t be alone this Easter; especially when it was such a washout.