Loud and Proud

As a leading London escort agency, we deal with a lot of issues relating to women. We’re always hearing about female empowerment, and it’s definitely something we agree with. It’s hard not to be proud when your company is helping to wipe away years of stigma and allow women to enjoy themselves openly in a profession that was once so discriminated against. They no longer need to hide what they do for a living or worry about the judgements of society and it’s great to see gender discrepancies like this becoming less and less relevant to modern day London. Now a woman may happily say that she is one of our girls.

Now, as great as equality is, one complaint commonly heard by anyone who talks to women whose job is to keep men company is that old adage: chivalry is dead. London escorts seem to worry about this a lot, and there are plenty of men who could do with a little more common courtesy, especially when they’re talking to these beauties. Our babes have class and distinction and they wanted to be treated as such. This doesn’t mean getting the princess treatment, but they at the very least deserve to be show a degree of respect for the excellent service that they are providing through a London escort agency.

Can it work both ways, that is the question. London escorts want to be treated equally and not to be discriminated against, but they want chivalry? Is chivalry no just preferential treatment for women. If a man is going to treat women just the same as his own gender then is it really necessary for him to open doors, buy flowers and generally be on his best behaviour simply because a lady is present? Is that a notion that deserves to long buried now, an antiquated notion that should have been done away entirely, not lamented.

Well, our London escorts see things a bit differently. Do they want a knight in shining armour to come and save them from all their problems because they’re weak willed and helpless? No, of course not, but they do want someone to talk to, a companion that is sensitive to their wants and desires. They still want people to care, just as they care for the opinions of the men that they see. As London escorts, they understand like no others that relationships, companionship and friendship form the basis of a happy healthy life.

It’s a mutual thing. She gives her client all the care and attention he would expect from a professional escort service. In return she asks that she is thoughtful to her. Holding doors open, praising her beauty, being kind and sweet and sincere, is that really so much to ask. Trust us, showing consideration for a lady is normally a very good idea. She is likely to notice and reciprocate in kind. That sort of attention from a London escort is the sort of thing that many fellas are willing to pay hundreds of pounds an hour for, but it really is as simple as showing a little kindness.