Merry Christmas, From Everyone at V!

Merry Christmas, everybody! The day that the majority of the country looks forward to is finally here, and we raise a glass and toast all of our clients, without whom we wouldn’t be able to celebrate the festive period. The tree, with all the gifts placed underneath, will soon be abuzz as friends and family gather around, trying to see what gifts are for us and how quickly can we set about ripping the wrapping paper off without appearing too eager. The chocolates and sweets are soon cracked open, as a feeding frenzy starts, only to have the elders warn of not filling up or else you won’t eat your dinner. We think it’s virtually impossible to overeat and not be able to hastily consume our Christmas dinner. This is the one day of the year where your stomach really does know no boundaries. You could be presented with a massive tangfastic selection, a box of Ferrero Rochers, cracking out the tins of Quality Street and Roses are a must. But you could literally eat everything you set your mind to, as well as the turkey-based meal, the crescendo of the day. Until you’ve had your last bite of the pinnacle dish, and it will suddenly hit you.

Let’s Eat!

The feeling that you’ve not only eaten your entire body weight in chocolates, sweets and poultry, but that you genuinely might actually explode. This is why the outfit you opt to wear for Christmas dinner actually plays quite a big part in the day, and is not something that you should be undertaken lightly. What you needs to show an effort has been made, but it should also be flexible. By this we mean that it needs to be able to come off easily, all that drinking will have you heading to the bathroom more often than not, so avoid anything with lots of bells and whistles. Also, depending on how much you’re willing to let your diet slide, we don’t recommend anything too tight. You could probably just about get away with jeans, but they should be a pair that you cannot wear without a belt because you need that give. Don’t forget, today will no doubt be photographed, so whilst you might be tempted by the appeal of wearing sweats, it won’t bode well when you whack out the family album, later in the year, the year that will be your year.

Life’s For Living

Whatever you like to do, be it entertaining Christmas escorts, don’t hide who you are. You should be allowed to be exactly who you want to be, so embrace it. Much like the festive period, life's for living. Not just for Christmas.