Monday Morning, Why Do You Dislike Us, So?

As the weather gets warmer (yes, it’s safe to say we are addicted to andy and all websites regarding the weather), it seems being sat indoors is just a waste of time. And as the consistent high temperatures remain the norm on any coming day of the week, we can actually start to plan ahead. The most exciting thing about the increased numbers on the mercury has to be that we don’t have to spend ages getting ready, with our freshly pressed suits and stunning tie, only to have to cover it with a giant coat. We look pretty slick in our suits, most city workers do, so it’s a shame that we have to spend time covering them up with giant jackets that just do not complement the outfit at all. The same can be said for the ladies. No, we don’t stand leering at the opposite gender on the opposite platform, but it can be hard to make, not necessarily a judgement, but an opinion on someone when you can only see a giant parka and a pair of legs.

The hardest thing about spending time with a beautiful escort from the very top agency in the city, is that you might not always be the most confident of gentlemen. We’re an established company, having provided the top lads of the city with the most gorgeous girls for many years, and it’s because of this experience that we feel more than capable of looking after any client, any request. Of course, if there’s something incredibly particular, we would encourage you to talk to the receptionist and explain exactly what it is you’re looking for, to avoid any confusion and disappointment on your part. So when you do next opt to indulge in the time of a stunning lady, feel free to check out our hints and tips page, on How Do You Hire an Escort? Although it may not seem like it, this industry is one of the most competitive in the city. With the stress of workers at an all-time high, it’s no surprise that fewer and fewer of us have enough time to continue a full-time and committed relationship when there are clients and deadlines to meet.

How on earth are you expected to get in the work, meeting with a girlfriend and still have time for a quick on in the pub or a kick about in the park. So don’t forgo what you want for something you think you should want.