New To Escorting

Those of you who visit our website or use our services regularly will see that our gallery is often updated with new escort girls. We get several applications per day from ladies who want to join our prestigious agency, but we only choose the very best to represent us. It’s important for us to keep our standards high so that we can pass on this level of quality to you, the client. However, our new girls aren’t actually new to the escort industry; when interviewing applicants, we choose girls who already have some experience.

Becoming an escort means more than just having a pretty face; clients pay good money to spend time with these ladies, so they have to be excellent companions. Of course, looks are important – that’s what our clients expect, and the way the world is! We have former models, professional dancers and actors amongst our portfolio; they’re the type of girls who wouldn’t look out of place in a glossy magazine. You’d be proud to have any one of these girls on your arm, and you know they’d make you look good!

By selecting escorts with prior experience, even if it’s just a little, it means that they have already had time to hone their social skills. If we sent a lady to meet a gentleman without ever having worked as an escort, we would not be able to guarantee that she would show you a good time! Escorts need to be bright, friendly, polite, open minded, be able to put people at ease and make conversation. Like we said, she needs to be more than just a pretty face! She also needs to adapt well to any environment, whether it’s a meal at a restaurant, a business conference or a quiet night in with you. She should be captivating, interesting and fun to be with, throughout the time you spend together.

If you are a lady who would like to try her hand at escorting, we wish you the best of luck! Whether it’s working with another agency or independently, we will require you to build up some experience before we can invite you to join V London, but once you are confident in your skills we would be happy to have you. We provide a safe, friendly working environment, and provide all of our girls with personal drivers and security for each booking they accept. Few escort agencies can match our high standards!