Safety for Escort Girls

There is always going to be an element of danger if a girl is going to meet a man who she doesn’t know; all you can do is trust that they will behave like a gentleman. Certain precautions can be taken to make them a bit safer, such as carrying a rape alarm and covering up skin on show which may prove to be too tempting for the wrong type of man. Another sensible thing to do if you’re a woman meeting a man for the first time is to text a friend the details of when and where you’re meeting, along with his name and contact number. Fingers crossed nothing bad will ever happen, but it’s good to have a back up just in case.

We keep our call girls as safe as possible by taking all the details of their bookings and vetting callers on the phone. The driver who takes her to the appointment waits in the car for the duration, acting as her security and back up should she need any help or assistance. The girls are also free to leave if they feel threatened in any way.

These dangers have come to the nation’s attention this week as a man has been arrested over the murder of three prostitutes working in Bradford. These cases arise every so often, with the most famous in history being Jack the Ripper, right here in London. There was then a copycat killer known as the Yorkshire Ripper, and more recently the serial murders of five prostitutes in Ipswich.

Today, police have confirmed that a 40 year old man was arrested on Monday in connection with the murders of three women, whose body parts were found floating in the river Aire in West Yorkshire. The women were aged 31, 36 and 43; that goes to show that it isn’t just young girls who are at risk. It has been discovered that all three of these ladies had been working as prostitutes in the local area, so the man may well have been a client who lured them out by themselves.

News like this is also very saddening; it is a harsh reminder to all women that they need to be alert and as safe as possible at all times. Not only prostitutes are targets for dangerous men – it could be any girl working in any profession. The good news is that the police now have the suspected killer in custody so he cannot harm any more girls.