Snack Swaps

For gym buffs, summer is a great opportunity to whip off their shirts and show off their bulging biceps. But for most of us, there’s a bit of extra insulation left over from Christmas that we’re desperate to shift. Nobody wants to be that one guy in the park with his top still on, sweat marks and all. Although the idea of diet and exercise might send you running for the hills, there are some simple changes you can make to your lifestyle to prevent the pounds from piling up.

Snacking is a major contributor to expanding waistlines. You might make an effort to eat healthy, balanced meals, but if you’re munching on crisps and biscuits in between it’s not going to do you any favours. Here are a few simple swaps that could go a long way in your fight to a fitter figure!

Crisps are delicious. They come in so many flavours, shapes and textures… you could eat 5 packs a day and feel like you’re eating a balanced diet because there’s so much variety! Unfortunately, these are full of saturated fat and will go straight to your squidgy bits. Instead, try getting some bread sticks or low calorie crackers, and a low fat soft cheese such as Philadelphia light. It’s still delicious and will fill that hole in your stomach to keep those cravings at bay. If nothing but crisps will do, opt for ones that have been oven baked in sunflower oil – the packaging clearly displays the fat content so take note.

In the pub, we’re tempted by salted, roasted peanuts. Yummy as they are, they’re also very fattening! Instead, buy a pack of unsalted nuts and dried fruit to snack on. If you want to be really good, get some fruit you can nibble like grapes or strawberries instead. These will count towards one of your five a day. If you’re worried that your mates might rip you for it, just point out their own bulging beer bellies and they’ll soon pipe down.

When you’re watching a film, it’s so easy to idly eat your way through a jumbo bag of sweets without even realising it. Remove the temptation and replace it with plain popcorn – this is much better for you and still makes a satisfying snack. Try to drink water or fresh fruit juice instead of fizzy drinks like cola.

When it’s hotting up, avoid the ice cream and find yourself a fruit sorbet instead. That’s the secret to the svelte figures of our gorgeous UK escorts!