Snow Days!

As we write this, the snow is coming down outside as we eagerly await the blizzard that we have been warned about, plenty of times this week. We’ve become accustomed to seeing our beautiful isle covered in a blanket of white. And the pictures that will no doubt pop up via any media outlet are sure to warm our cockles. It seems that our commitment to our clients cannot be deterred by a bit of snow (despite the worrying fact that it is actually starting to settle). Whilst we know that it can look like fun, building snowmen and what not, until you can no longer feel your hands, your gloves having turned into sponges and the old trainers you keep by the back door not actually being good about keeping your feet dry. So now that you’re reasonably uncomfortable and not wanting to be out in the cold anymore, we certainly have a few ideas that may perk you up and save the snowy day.

If you’re a fan of a glass of wine, perhaps a cosy blanket and a roaring log fire, this is the perfect weather for you. And what would make these cosy night in even cosier? Certainly spending it with a London escort, surely? But make sure you make a date with any of the gorgeous girls in our gallery as soon as possible so she has plenty of time to get to you. The only thing worse than being snowed in is being snowed in alone. No one wants to spend an evening in the perfect romantic setting with no one to share it with. We know that this is a waste, so make sure you spend it wisely.

When it comes to the weather, we are a nation that loves to have a little moan. Of course, a bit of snow isn’t exactly going to stop us going about our daily business, but if it means we get a free whinge out of it, so be it! So celebrate the good times, enjoy these cosy moments inside because before you know it, you’ll be expected to actually get to work on time and have nothing to blame it on. And then it’ll be summer, where the trains won’t run because the tracks will have expanded or some other nonsense. There is always so much nonsense to be had around the public transport sectors of the capital that we do sometimes wonder how anybody ever manages to get any work done because they are always struggling to get there! But don’t worry, there are always good times to be had with the gorgeous companions we have for you.