Spice Up Your Life!

There comes in a time in every relationship when it seems that you’ve exhausted all possible avenues to rekindle the passion you once shared. Perhaps roleplay worked, pretending to be strangers meeting in a bar. Even playing dress-up can do wonders for reigniting the spark. But there just doesn’t seem to be something that doesn’t require paramount effort. With so many things to experiment with, it can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we’re here! There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling you’re out of your depth, and that you can’t talk openly and honest about it. And so we like to help our clients, who have always been so loyal to us, as a way of showing our appreciation.

Not knowing how your partner might react to certain suggestions may cause you to back away, and just accept that this is the path your relationship will take. This isn’t the case! It’s best to keep an open-mind at all times when it comes to discussing the personal parts of your relationship and making sure to always listen to everything they have to say. Although there can be delicate points you wish to talk about, perhaps one of you is interested in swinging, perhaps inviting a London escort round, whilst the other is thinking more along the line of candles and ambient music when you’re in the mood, it can be fun indulging in new things that you never thought you’d try. Of course, with so much choice available for you to really open up your mind to new things, it makes sense that you be open to incredible experiences.

The thing about technology these days is you can be with someone when they’re not really there. Of course, we’re not for a moment suggesting that chat rooms, skyping and all the other ways of connecting people should be a substitute for actual contact, but it can certainly spice things up when they’re not around if you send picture messages. Knowing someone is thinking of you is the perfect ego-boost for a drizzly Wednesday morning. Celebrities are certainly people that we might look up to as role models, but also from whom we can learn by their mistakes. That was quite a mouthful, so we will certainly try to explain. Too many times in the media there has been hacked phones or images released of those not smart enough to miss out their faces. So whilst it is incredibly fun to do this with a partner, we definitely suggest you leave out the face.