Spontaneity Rules The Roost

So, often we find ourselves without a spare minute to ourselves, wishing that we didn’t have that social engagement (where one of the gorgeous companions in our blonde escorts gallery, would be the perfect date) or need to work overtime. It would be nice to just sit in, our do something that we have been putting off, partly because we haven’t had the time. Whilst they’ve perfected the operation that can make you taller (apparently it’s a lot of stretching of limbs and is incredibly painful), they have yet to master doing the same for the day. Therefore, we find ourselves stuck, having to cope with managing with the few hours we have been allotted in the day. But it seems that when we come down to it, we struggle with things to do. It’s the same as the shopping curse; you’ll see plenty of things that you want when you don’t have money, but when the bank’s being generous, you cannot find a thing that you like.

And so we have deemed it necessary to be a bit more spontaneous when an opportunity presents itself, because you never know when you will be next shown one. Whilst the best thing to do is obviously spend time with one of the companions that we have here (subtle, we know), you should probably take any chance given, regardless. Of course we’re not saying stop at every person on the street that is canvassing for charity, you’ll be poor before you make to the end of the road, but it seems necessary to open yourself up for more options.

Spontaneity is fast becoming a lost pastime, with everyone needing to know what it is exactly that they are doing before they do it. In a time of social media, with everyone ‘checking in’, there is no chance of someone perhaps getting lost, or not everyone knowing completely their whereabouts. Gone is the time when you didn’t tell everyone everything that you’re doing; the idea of being spontaneous is something that is probably not even in the dictionary of some of the young ones. We say embrace it, do something crazy. But by all means, don’t forget to call us! Thanks, guys.