Spring is Nearly Here

Don’t know about you but everyone at V London is very much looking forward to the official spring time that is just around the corner. We are nearly four months into 2013 and we all say it year in, year out, but where does the time go? It is now mid-March and with two weeks to go until the clocks go forward, we may lose an hours sleep but bring on the lighter evenings, refreshing scent of cut grass, spring flowers, and the appetising smell of BBQ’s lingering in the spring air. Lets face it, the summer months don’t quite live up to expectations, and over the years, we have got used to having the summer weather in the heart of spring. The first BBQ seems to be in April rather than June but we’re not complaining.

Many long to live a life by the beach, embracing the sun every day and having a permanent tan. Whilst this life may be an absolute dream to some, many would miss the four seasons the UK brings us. Yes, we do get our fair share of rainfall but would us Brits grow tired and take advantage if we had glorious sun shining every single day? The Costa Rican escorts are thoroughly enjoying their time here in London and have rather enjoyed wearing a winter coat. Thankfully though they are looking forward to saying hello to the shy sunshine, which hopefully we will see more of over the coming weeks. It’s true, when you become used to a luxury you end up taking it for granted. It’s just human nature. The saying ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone’ rings very true in most situations we encounter throughout life. These Costa Rican beauties have admitted they all took the sunshine for granted and miss their beautiful childhoods growing up by crystal blue seas sandwiched between white silky sand and powder blue skies.

The blonde escorts can forget their all important hair appointments through the summer months, they let the sun work its magic the natural way. For those of you who didn’t know, the sun works wonders for natural blondes and after a few hours of soaking up the sun, their beautiful golden locks will have the sun-kissed look that brunettes just can’t achieve. The natural way of achieving highlights perhaps only happens a few times a year when sitting outside on the local pubs terrace or on a blanket in Hyde Park and so the blonde babes are very jealous of those who live the dream life on a beach. Although they would find it very hard to give up the London life as it is just all too easy to fall in love with the cosmopolitan metropolis.