Summer Loving

With summer just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to be a man. As the weather gets hotter and hotter, you’ll feel the cold of the winter fall away and suddenly the world will seem like a better place. It’s understandable: lots of people get the blues during the chilly months. With the short days, constant English drizzle and sheer lack of excitement it’s just all a bit depressing, isn’t it? It might be alright if we were able to liven things up, but the prospect of colds, falls and getting soaked leaves us all playing it safe. It’s SAD. No, it really is, that’s the name of the genuine condition that afflicts many of us during the long winter months. Seasonal affective disorder leaves many of us feeling thoroughly glum and a chorus of sighs echoes through the frosted streets.

Until, that is, the sun melts it away, and the warmth radiates throughout your body. Is there any better feeling than the kiss of that radiant sphere on your skin? Maybe an experience with a London escort might rival it, but apart from that? The best things in life are often the natural ones, and when you see the sun first peak its brilliant head above the clouds and illuminate the dark grey streets it’s hard to feel anything other than ecstatic. A smile will sit on your face where it belongs for quite some time

At that time of year, most fellas start looking to up their love life to the next level. The quiet nights in on the sofa, talking and enjoying a warm meal are great when outside is a grey misery, but when things to heat up, passion is rekindled. Fires are relit and men wake from their stupefied slumber to embrace life once again. They want to take a beautiful lady out and enjoy all the wonders that the capital has to offer. That might be a bike ride in hyde park, a quiet stroll through one of the capital’s many attractions, a ride down the canals of Little Venice. It doesn’t matter, all that matters is that he is doing something beautiful with someone beautiful.

That’s probably why we get so many calls in the summer months. Fellas are queuing up around the block to get access to babes this beautiful. It’s understandable and we have to say that we’re actually rather surprised that more men aren’t trying the beauties on offer. Can you think of anything better than walking hand in hand with one of London’s most stunning ladies, perusing this amazing city of ours?

Maybe hitting the clubs with that babe later in the evening and turning every head in the place. Maybe having a vixen that beguiling to keep you company in the warm summer air as you enjoy the mild evenings. Whatever your preference, whatever your fantasy, V London is the agency best equipped to meeting your needs.