Tube Games Are Cracking

The weekend has once again crept up on us. Of course, we use the word ‘crept’ loosely, as for many it’s an eagerly anticipated occurrence from Monday morning. How everyone spends their weekends is a complete mystery. With so many people in London, there is a constant abundance of things to do. Because of this, there is never a dull moment and so no-one should ever be sat around doing nothing. That said, if you ever find yourself on a crowded tube, squeezed next to your travelling buddy, we have a game that is quite good at passing the time. It can be quite interesting to find out what people can get up to on their weekends, and so making an interesting game on the tube can be ideal. It’s very easy to understand, exciting to play and, we feel, revealing about friends because of the answers they give. It does need to be played with a friend however; if you turn to the stranger next to you and start talking, you will probably get a weird look, and quite possibly a call from the police. We can’t be certain, but definitely play with someone you know. It saves on a bunch of legal fees.

The game is simple. To start with, you pick a target. This has to be a person and not an innate object. We also stress the human element because playing with a dog is just plain weird. From here, you then, between yourselves, decide what they do with their weekends, and that’s pretty much it. We fear we may have built it up slightly too much, but a game this simple doesn’t need to be over complicated. It’s a fun time-waster for anyone who has ever been on a tube journey.

It can pretty much be substituted for anything, for example the sofa game. Either way it’s just an excuse to poke into strangers’ lives and nose about their belongings. Of course this is all done hypothetically. We are NOT asking you to go and raid a fellow man’s home. We cannot stress this enough. Chances are, you and your friend will have different ideas for every person. But we like to consider what they are doing. At V, we don’t discriminate and welcome clients of all natures. The guy in the dapper suit, the guy in the skinny jeans or the guy with the cargo shorts. They all have one thing in common; they indulge in some weekend fun with a fabulous London escort. Why don’t you join them? It’s a lot more fun than deciding what channel to watch.