Two Girls at Once

Being with two beautiful girls at once is something that countless men have fantasised about. Some of the lucky ones have experienced threesomes in their lifetimes – perhaps on more than one occasion. Just think about how amazing that would be: having attention showered upon you by two sexy, model-like girls! If you think that this fantasy is completely out of reach for you, think again. V London escorts can make it happen.

Having a threesome might seem more achievable for some men than others. If a man is rich, famous or incredibly good looking, he stands a pretty good chance. Some girls can’t resist power, wealth, influence and charm; even our escort girls will attest to this! They can be very attractive qualities in a man. Another type of guy much more likely to see some double action is one who is part of the swingers scene; if he and his wife enjoy the lifestyle, he has a much better chance of another girl joining them. This is a case of having more opportunity, rather than being more desirable.

You’d have to be quite special if you were able to walk up to two hot girls in a bar, offer to take them both home and not get slapped round the face. If you’ve successfully achieved this, please tell us how – we’d love to know your secret! Generally, women would not be open to this idea without serious consideration. Threesomes are something that most of us feel we cannot bring up with our wives and girlfriends; they might get jealous, or think that they are not enough to satisfy us. This isn’t the case: it’s just an exciting experience that would stay with us for life! It doesn’t mean that you love your other half any less, or that you’re looking for more satisfaction.

What a lot of girls won’t admit is that they fantasise about this too; so many girls these days are what you might call “bi-curious”. They find other women attractive, and would like to know what a sexual experience with them might be like. Our escorts in London are very open about their sexuality – we have several bisexual escorts who adore men and women equally. They love it when a client phones up and requests for two escorts to visit him, it means that they get the best of both worlds!

If you’re tired of fantasising and want an exciting encounter with two beautiful girls, call us now. We can send you a pair of beautiful duo escorts, selecting from the number of bisexual escorts we have available. You won’t forget this night in a hurry!