Well... That Was Quick

Mere days ago we were commenting on the welcome return of the sun, and all the warmth and amazing spring possibilities it brings with it. Alas, we spoke too soon and today we are faced with arctic temperatures, snow and no doubt delayed train journeys. When it comes to traveling to and from work during these conditions, the first public transport to feel the brunt are the trains. It seems there’s something about the snow settling on the track that means so very few trains will actually make it to their destination. That means that our clients that live outside of central might not be able to make it into town, to meet with their chosen companion for the evening. Thankfully we extend our services to the Greater London area, and because they are all driven personally to their destination, so you never need to worry that you will be missing out when the snow falls.

Plenty to Choose From

One of the main reasons that V is so popular is that we cater to as many clients as possible; we hate to discriminate against people because of location. It is for this reason that we ensure all of our girls are available to anyone in the Greater London area. If you’re quite far north, and have resisted indulging in the time of any of the girls we have available because you think they won’t be able to reach you, we have fantastic news for you! The Enfield escorts, for example, are just some of the companions that we have on offer for those that are that far north in the city. It seems we are quick to find reasons that stop us from doing things, and these can often be trivial matters that really don’t need to be an issue. So next time you think ‘oh no, I can’t do that’, STOP! You can, and you shall. We are open 24/7, so always ready whenever you are.